PM Imran Khan’s Entrance At The SCO Summit Is Going Viral And Many Pakistanis Are Feeling Embarrassed!

Imran Khan is the latest target of internet trolls over something as insignificant as the middle child. PTI government has been receiving major backlashes by the opposition parties which is technically their right but recently it intensified post-Imran Khan’s powerful speech that followed after major arrests of political leaders.

“Do whatever you want to do but each and every one of you, who have done wrong to this country, Insha’Allah I will not leave them”, Imran Khan.

PTI has been under hot waters from quite some time now and this latest video of SCO Summit that Prime Minister Imran Khan attended has given the haters a decent chance to roast him. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Indians giddy with excitement to the point that they start getting an itch in their hands to troll him.

Lo and Behold, the predictable lot jumped at this opportunity. So what’s it about, anyway? Apparently, All heads of the state kept standing in respect of the incoming guests. However, Imran Khan seemed confused at first, as to whether to sit or keep standing but decided to keep sitting as he was far off anyway.

Here’s The Video!

This Pakistani journalist, Naila Inayat sure riled haters up with her “At least he is handsome” argument and some of the responses are quite intense. 

True, he definitely has swag. 

Ego got in the way because of getting a corner seat, says a twitter user. 

Nice try at bashing Imran Khan. Brownie points for this person. 

Oh dear! Who really carries a false sense of victory and pride is quite evident. But hey, whatever rocks your boat! 

Leave it to the Indians to make a mountain out of a molehill. As long as it is about him being disrespectful, in another video from a different angle, you will see him instantly standing to greet a leader. Let’s give him benefit of the doubt, he may have just decided to sit, as the incoming guests entering after him were too far to be greeted properly, as he was seated quite far off.

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