Imran Khan Says He Is “All Set” For The Long March; A Date Will Be Revealed Soon

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ISLAMABAD: Following his party’s overwhelming victory in the by-elections held on Sunday, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that his party is prepared for the long march and that it “won’t be delayed into October.””

At an Islamabad press conference, Khan made the comments.

“If the government does not announce the date for the next general election,” he declared, “my march will be held in October.”

The PTI leader issued a warning to the government that a large number of people would demonstrate in support of an anti-government march.

Leveling allegations of rigging against the Sindh government and the provincial election commissioner, Khan asked that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) conduct fresh elections in Karachi’s Malir district.

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“The election commissioner for Sindh worked for the provincial administration. We demand reelection and reject the Karachi-Korangi by-election results “Added he.

He claimed that in order to secure his party’s defeat, the ruling alliance filed joint candidates in the constituencies where PTI was strong.

The former premier continued by saying that the government had used floods as a justification for delaying holding the elections. “They claimed there were floods in that nation. Floods had no impact on the districts where the polls were held, nevertheless.”

Khan alleged that the Malir by-election in Karachi was “fixed” in favour of Abdul Hakeem Baloch of the PPP.

Khan reaffirmed that he will at any time summon PTI members to join the arduous march toward Islamabad. He continued, “They are worried that if the elections are held, they would lose.”

The PTI leader criticised the current authorities, claiming that the coalition administration has failed to keep inflation under control. He insisted that they were driving the nation closer to dissolution.

Khan reiterated his call for free and fair elections in the nation, declaring that polls are the only way to ensure political stability.

“Whatever will happen, these thieves will be responsible,” the PTI chairman remarked.

He pledged that they will march in the direction of Islamabad while abiding by the law.

“The Time Of Nawaz And Zardari Is Ended.”
Khan said they will march on the federal capital with full preparations, alluding to the reported torture inflicted on PTI workers by the police during the May 25 long march.

Without going into detail about his strategy, Khan remarked, “Whatever they will do, they face failure.

When discussing his idea, the PTI chairman claimed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah would not even have the opportunity to carry it out. He claimed that during the previous six months, fascism was witnessed in the county, and that democracy had been “butchered.”

The PTI chairman declared that “[PML-N supremo] Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari’s time is done” and predicted that they will lose the elections.

“We don’t need the umpire’s help to win.”
Khan asserted that they could prevail in elections without the help of the officials. The PTI head criticised Sikandar Sultan Raja, the country’s chief election commissioner, saying: “I have not seen a more dishonest election commissioner than Sikandar Sultan Raja.”

Electronic voting machines (EVMs) were not permitted by Raja, he added, because they could not be used to rig the results.

I Don’t Play Against Underdogs.
Khan stated he doesn’t play against inferior teams when he was playing cricket and wants Nawaz to come back and fight him.

Nawaz can only run for office, according to the PTI leader, if people are willing to overlook his “stealing.” He acknowledges ownership of several London apartments, but up until this point, he has been unable to provide a financial trail.

He insisted that “Nawaz cannot play a match in the presence of a neutral umpire.”

Khan responded to his claims about state institutions by stating that disagreements with them are undesirable since they ultimately hurt the nation.

To plan the next course of action, Khan presided over the meeting.
After winning by a landslide in the by-elections on Sunday, the former prime minister presided over a meeting of his party earlier today and decided on the next course of action.

Following consultation with the PTI leadership, chairman Khan would shortly make an announcement regarding the lengthy march, according to PTI leader Faisal Javed.

After the meeting, the party would announce its choice for the final long march call, according to Javed.

The PTI leader gained ground in his campaign to pressure the six-month-old Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) administration into calling an early general election by winning the majority of seats in Sunday’s by-elections.

The PPP, a member of the ruling coalition, won the other two seats. Of the eight seats up for election, the PTI chairman ran for seven and won six.

Khan will have to resign from all but one of the seats he won, and polls will need to follow, but the success shows that voters liked his political message.

The former cricketer-turned-politician, who was expelled from office in April after receiving a no-confidence vote, has been addressing large mass gatherings all over Pakistan and calling for early elections.

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