PM Imran Khan Decides To Sell ‘Unused’ State Assets At Dubai Expo!

Imran Khan Dubai Expo

Gone are the days when Pakistan’s corrupt state heads would easily transfer the looted money in foreign accounts. Soon after Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government took over the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s progressive vision was clear. Following the same lead, recently, PM Imran Khan has decided to showcase unused state assets of previous governments at the next Dubai exhibition.

PM Imran Khan decides to sell ‘unused’ government assets at Dubai expo next year!

Certainly, the bombardment of taxes and rising inflation has created chaos among the Pakistani awaam. Looking over to the high prices of tomatoes, last month, PTI officials busted the price controlling mafia by selling tomatoes for cheap. However, in order to stabilize Pakistan’s economy, recently, PM Imran Khan has decided to sell out unused state assets at Dubai expo.

Government to invest the earnings in public welfare projects!

The step is to be taken in order to gather funds that can be used for the betterment of the country. Apparently, the PTI government under PM Imran Khan’s leadership aims to attract local and foreign investors through the implementation. Moreover, as per media reports, the earnings collected will be used in public welfare projects and development.

Imran Khan Dubai Expo

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Majorly, the assets to be displayed include several properties belonging to the last governments. Leading an official meeting regarding the decision, PM Imran Khan ensured that the non-used government assets will be used in an effective manner. Further, he stated, “The non-utilisation of government assets in an effective manner in the past had manifest criminal negligence”.

“Various ministries had identified 32 properties for privatization”!

Moreover, the Premier shared the details of the exhibition with other government officials in a meeting. Elaborating further, Privatization Commission Secretary Rizwan Malik informed PM Khan about the identified properties for privatization. He maintained, “Various ministries had identified 32 properties for privatization”.

“These unutilized state properties will be marketed at the Dubai Expo to attract foreign and Pakistani investors to buy them”, he added. In the meeting, Rizwan Malik briefed about the decisions taken by the federal cabinet ministers. Restating the decisions made, Malik shared, “All ministries had identified at least three properties that were not being properly utilized. A total of 32 such properties have been identified”.

Strict action will be taken against officials with ill intentions!

Calling past ruling elites failure ‘criminal negligence’, PM Imran Khan issued a warning for corrupt minds. Further, he added, “Stern action would be taken against anyone found to be creating hurdles in the proper identification and utilization of such assets”. Showing concern over the escalating conditions, the PM called the previous governments take on unused government assets ‘unfortunate’.

Imran Khan Dubai Expo

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“However, the income generated from these lands will be used for public welfare projects such as schools, colleges and hospitals”, he maintained. Well, the Dubai expo is to be held next year in the month of October. Fortunately, if the government properties make it in the exhibition, Pakistan will be able to benefit from it.

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