Imran Khan Is Getting Seriously Bashed for His Debatable Remark on Pakistani Liberals

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan is facing a heap of criticism for his recent remarks about Pakistani liberals. On Wednesday, Imran Khan said that Pakistani liberals are “more dangerous than anyone else”. He added that they are “always thirsty for blood”. Pakistanis on social media strongly condemn the statement by the politician and it was met with a huge shock.

People did not except the leader of a much sought-after political party to use such remarks. The reaction on social media bears testimony of the fact that many Pakistanis found his comments quite distasteful.

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Here’s what people have to say…


It did not receive well with people at all

People were not expecting such comments by a political figure as him

Do you agree with him?

How do you sum up Imran Khan’s comments?


Do you think it should be confronted?

Ali Zafar joined the bandwagon!

Imran Khan’s comments have set social media on fire. He continues to trend and it is now taking a toll on people. What is your opinion on the whole matter? Do you agree or not? Share your comments.

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