Thank You, Imran Khan: PM Announces Rs1.1 Trillion 'Historic' Package For Karachi's Transformation

Thank You, Imran Khan: PM Announces Rs1.1 Trillion ‘Historic’ Package For Karachi’s Transformation

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A historic transformation package of Rs 1.1 trillion for Karachi was announced by PM Imran Khan on his visit to the metropolitan city on Saturday.

PM Khan provided a briefing of the package to media persons along with the Karachi committee members. The members of the committee members included the Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and Governor Imran Ismail.

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PM said both the federal and Singh governments will contribute to this package. He said under this transformation package, the problems of Karachi will be addressed in a span of three years.

“We have phased our plans for over three years. In the short-term, some projects will get complete within a year; then there are medium-term plans; and finally the long-term projects, which would all be completed within three years.”

We will collaborate with Sindh government, says PM Imran

Referring to the havoc created by the heavy rainfall in Karachi last week, PM Khan said National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) will solve the drainage issues in the provincial capital.

He said the Sindh government has taken the responsibility to address this important issue. PM Khan admitted that water remains one of the biggest issues faced by citizens of Karachi for the last few years.

Khan said, “One of the biggest issues in Karachi is that of the nullahs (waterways) that have encroachments on them. The NDMA will clear these nullahs. Moreover, the Sindh government will resettle any people who are displaced by the removal of encroachments.”

“We worked with the Sindh government to deal with coronavirus, we will again work together to solve problems in Karachi.”

PM added, “My government would not abandon Karachi’s people in their time of crisis. Government can’t turn a blind eye to the plight of the people and the federation will play its full role for the solution and development of Karachi’s problems.”

PM Imran said the package amount will also address the solid waste management and transport issues of the city.  He said the Karachi circular railway project will be completed in addition to improving the road infrastructure from the package for the city. The package will also cover the road repairs and BRT lines.

Khan praises the role of armed forces during Karachi’s rainfall

PM Imran also praised the role of armed forces in helping citizens of Karachi overcome the crisis caused by urban flooding. “The Army, globally, always takes a lead in flood relief activities,” he added.

He said on the pattern of National Command and Operation center, a Provincial Coordination Implementation Committee (PCIC) will be established to ensure implementation of the decisions regarding Karachi. He said all stakeholders will be included in this committee. 

Twitteratis share their delight over Karachi’s historic Transformation Package

Pakistani social media users were very happy over the news of the historic Karachi Transformation Package. Many Pakistanis believe that this could end Karachi’s woes once and for all.

PM Imran arrived in Karachi earlier today for a day-long visit to announce the financial historic package for Karachi. Nobody had thought about the problems being faced by the people of Karachi in the past.

The transformation plan provided by PM will certainly help to resolve the problems of the metropolis. Coordinated efforts will be made to cope with the situation.

Lets hope this development plan will provide a sigh of relief for the citizens.

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