Imran Khan Made Nawaz Sharif Realize How The Person Behind

Imran Khan Made Nawaz Sharif Realize How The Person Behind His Success Is A Woman!

Like him or not, whenever PTI’s chairman Imran Khan speaks regarding the opposition, he states facts which are properly associated with evidence and logic. From dragging the PML(N) party workers to Panama fiasco to speaking against them in his rallies, his words, a number of times, make a lot more sense than any other sitting politician’s statements.

2017 is a year of personal attacks and dirty politics so far. Politicians in Pakistan are indulged in making personal remarks, showing how shallow they can become in their thirst of sitting on the throne.

Nawaz Sharif, while addressing the recent Jalsa made comments regarding female party workers and female PTI workers. Here’s what he actually said:

The Statements By PM Nawaz Sharif Created An Uproar And Pakistanis Couldn’t Help But Notice PM’s Misogynist Statement

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It was essential for Imran Khan to speak regarding the words Nawaz Sharif chose to illustrate PTI’s female class, given how the leader’s responsibility is to protect his people. Imran Khan, within the parameters of respect, showed to Nawaz Sharif how the person responsible for his comeback from his exile was a woman – his wife.

Aside from the fact how Kalsoom Nawaz played a major role in bringing back the Sharif brothers in Pakistani politics, his daughter Maryum Nawaz is also responsible for a number of political activities, including reforming of schools in different parts of Punjab. She also, actively advocates his father on social media, trying to speak regarding PM’s image.

Whether what Nawaz Sharif said was a way of attacking the opposition or not, hearing such statements from the politician who represents the interest of this country on the national and international level is very harsh.

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