Islamabad: Imran Khan Long March To Begin From Lahore On October 28

imran khan long march

LAHORE: PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced on Tuesday that the party will begin its long march on Friday, October 28 from Lahore.

The former prime minister told a press conference that at 11 a.m., all party members, leaders, and supporters will assemble at Lahore’s Liberty Chowk, from whence they will march toward Islamabad.

The anti-government march will now begin on the same day, despite repeated official warnings, as the PTI head had previously stated he would announce the date on Friday.

To block the PTI’s protracted march, the government had filed a petition with the Supreme Court. The Khan-led party received a boost when the highest court declined to give an interim order to halt the PTI’s planned lengthy march.

The government repeatedly warned the PTI leader before turning to the highest court, with a key official threatening to multiply its May 25 policy by ten if Khan announced another long march.

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Imran Khan Long March Far Beyond Politics:

The long march of PTI was described by the former prime minister as being “far above” politics. “This is jihad because the people of Pakistan must now chose which side to take,” he declared, adding that the outcome of the march would determine whether or not the populace wanted to subject these “thieves” to slavery.

“There is our untimed march in support of Haqeeqi Azaadi. The country would travel from all over Pakistan to Islamabad once we go there via the GT Road, he insisted.

During the press conference, the PTI head claimed that after assuming power, the “dacoits” rescued themselves by amending a number of laws, including the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance.

He urged people to compare the prices of electricity, oil, and gas during the PTI’s time with the current government’s authority because “one can perceive significant contrasts between today’s Pakistan and the one that we left,” he said.

Khan blames the government for the long march’s delay
In order to clarify how the government warned the PTI about the long march, Khan noted that during his tenure as prime minister, two long marches were staged by the leaders of the JUI-F, Maryam Nawaz of the PML-N, and the PPP, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari.

He claimed that they had ignored the nation’s economic position at the time.

Khan added that the government has put obstacles in the way of the party’s plans to begin the lengthy march much sooner.

“Our peaceful marchers were attacked on May 25, and we were forced to cancel it for the good of the nation. In Sindh House, there was horse trade, and our government was overthrown by force. And after winning the by-elections in July, I was deluged by legal cases “the PTI leader bemoaned.

The coalition government has filed 24 first information reports (FIRs) against Khan, he continued.

“PTI employees are getting calls from unknown numbers”

Khan alleged that PTI employees in Multan were receiving threatening phone calls from unidentified numbers, threatening them with exclusion from the long march.

He said that as long as he is alive, he will keep fighting all the “thieves and this system,” asking, “Do they [the government] want the population to sit passively like sheep?”

He emphasised once more that since he was the head of a sizable political party, he did not need to submit to American authority in order to make decisions for Pakistan.

Khan emphasised the PTI’s strength and claimed to have been successful in mobilising the public to combat injustice over the previous six months.

He made it clear that the PTI will only organise jalsas in locations where the court has given it permission to do so, saying, “We are neither going to confront [the government] nor go to the Red Zone.”

To prevent any unfavourable circumstances, “we have instructed all of our marchers to remain nonviolent,” he stated.

Arshad was frequently advised by me to leave the country:

Khan continued by describing the late journalist Arshad Sharif, who was fatally shot on October 23 in Nairobi by Kenyan police, and claiming that he was a great patriot.

In addition, people were aware that two members of Sharif’s family had been martyred, Khan said, adding that “the entire journalist community understands that Sharif had stood up for the country.”

“I had advised Arshad to leave the nation on numerous occasions [because he was not secure there] but he did not listen.”

PML-N and PPP are opposed by Imran Khan:

Regarding rumours of negotiations with the coalition government, Khan noted that he has emphasised time and time again that political parties cause issues by engaging in negotiations.

He asserted that the coalition government would not call for immediate elections because it was not prepared to play the game, that the lengthy march would be peaceful, and that it was unnecessary to send police officers from Sindh to the capital.

He asked what the police would do when millions of people joined the march and responded, “PTI’s public rallies and jalsas have always stayed peaceful as families also participate.

Asif Ali Zardari, the PML-N and PPP Co-Chairman, was challenged by the former cricketer-turned-politician to run against the PTI in Punjab and Sindh so that Khan could observe how they would fare in the electoral process.

Compliments PTI’s work:

In response to criticism from his opponents that he was “irresponsible” for organising a march while the nation was in turmoil, Khan stated that Pakistan was in the “worst economic” scenario when he assumed the job of prime minister.

He said that, to top it all off, his government also had to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. “At that time, the country had no foreign exchange reserves to maintain the sliding rupee,” he said.

Khan praised the previous PTI-led administration and claimed that when the COVID-19 pandemic was effectively contained, the nation experienced exemplary growth, something that had not been seen in the previous 17 years.

“We worked to support the local farming community, and as a result, they could produce high-quality crops. Due to the PTI government’s initiatives, our IT exports tripled “He recalled the climate change programme known as the Billion Tree Tsunami, which Khan said received praise from all around the world, while also complimenting it.

Khan praised the PTI government’s health card idea and claimed that even the most developed nations in the world did not have similar programmes.

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