PM Imran Khan Launches “Zindagi App” To Curb Drug Addiction!

imran khan zindagi app

Ultimately, the increasing trend of drug addiction in the country catches the attention of the current government. In order to control the disease, they found a very interesting way of creating a mobile application.

The application named “Zindagi App” was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan to prevent youth from drug addiction. The app is designed to curb drug trafficking in the country and to raise awareness of it among people.

Previously, Imran Khan introduced another app called Report Corruption after the Digital Pakistan project. The app was launched on Anti-Corruption Day in Islamabad.

Source: Pakistan today

While addressing the ceremony, PM Khan said, the growing usage of cell phones is giving rise to the menace of drug and child abuse among youth.

“We are using technology to spread awareness about the issue but unfortunately, the use of mobile phones is giving rise to the problem of child abuse and use of drugs,” said PM Imran, vowing to solve the matter on an emergency basis.

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Furthermore, he requested all the stakeholders including parents, teachers and even scholars, to come forward and play their part in creating awareness on both the issues.

“The both issues have a devastating impact on our society but unfortunately our society is ignorant about this,”

He further added, “Previously the drugs were only consumed at the university level but now we are hearing that it’s has been used by school students too which is quite shocking,” 

Well, that’s an alarming situation!

Apparently, educational institutions are one of the most prestigious places that no one even thought anything bad about it. But the story has a twist. Another side of the coin is totally horrible. Although it sounds weird, unfortunately, this is a harsh reality.

The involvement of drug-related activities in educational institutions across Pakistan had been reported previously.  And after that, the government took steps to tackle this issue at first priority.

Students, whether in schools, colleges or universities, are getting addicted to substances at an alarming rate; threatening not only their own future but also the people around them, including family and friends.

Zindagi App


In all this, we hope that the current step will definitely result in positive outcomes and aware people of its consequences. However, all the important information regarding drug addiction control will be available through the mobile app.

Undoubtedly, protecting young folks from the menace of drug and monitoring and decreasing the use of narcotics in the country are among the topmost priorities of this government. But it requires more actions to be taken. They can introduce self-help courses into primary level syllabi in government and private educational institutions. Also, regular seminars in public are the need of the hour.

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