Here Are All The Details About PM Imran Khan’s ‘Kamyab Jawan Program’!

Kamyab Jawan Program

Pakistan is now reviving its lost credibility among the world states under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership. As the previous governments had looted the country to the core, the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)’s sheer efforts landed them behind bars. Currently, the incumbent government is creating strategies to notice the unnoticed for further development. This week, PM Imran Khan launched the “Kamyab Jawan Program” which will provide the youth with better employment opportunities.

PM Imran Khan’s “Kamyab Jawan Program” for the youth!

As of now, everyone has started noticing the Premier’s true intentions towards the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). When the world applauded PM Imran Khan’s factual press conference at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Indian troops got more extreme. Not just Kashmir, PM Imran Khan’s focus towards Pakistan’s youth recently, made him launch the first phase of the “Kamyab Jawan Program”. The initiative gathered praise all across Pakistan and the youth will now be able to get financial assistance through it.

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The “Kamyab Jawan Program” comprises of different opportunities for the youth to avail. Specifically, young minds will be able to get opportunities in the education sector, skillful training, and the business sector. Within a span of five years, the program will help provide loans to local enterprises and small scale businesses of up to Rs.100 billion in five years.

The six flagship initiatives of the youth scheme!

Comprising of various categories, the newly launched scheme consists of six different flagship initiatives for the youth. Namely, ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme’, ‘Startup Pakistani Program’, ‘Skill for All Program’, ‘Jawan Markaz’, ‘Green Youth Movement’ and ‘Internship Program’. Among all, the ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Program’ carries significant importance as it will support in promoting the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector.

‘Hunar Se Karobar Tak!’

Particularly, the ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Program’ sole purpose is to fulfill the talented young mind’s enterprising dream. It will provide subsidized loans to passionate young lads with business capabilities. Apparently, this flagship initiative will also promote the deteriorating SME sector and will create better earning opportunities.  Indeed, the tagline of the program, ‘Hunar Se Karobar tak’ is self-explanatory and envisions to see a boom in the business sector.

According to reports, the scheme will render loans from Rs.10,000 to Rs.5 million in two tiers to Pakistanis. The first tier will start from Rs.100,000 to Rs.500,000 and the second tier will be from Rs.500,000 to Rs.5 million. The eligibility criteria to apply for the loan ranges from age 21 to 45 years for both genders. While a specific percentage is also been set for the woman applicants as 25% of the loans are dedicated to them. Small loans of Rs.10,000 to Rs.100,000 will be charged with no interest which will be a help for the low-class borrowers.

In order to keep it handy, the process is totally digital and can be applied from the website. The process of loan applications is of a month and the applicant can then only receive it. While PM Imran Khan reminded people of Zulfiqar Bhutto at the UNGA, Pakistanis are satisfied with their leader’s efforts. Till now, no official announcement has been made regarding the launch of the program’s second base.

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