PM Imran Khan To Lay Foundation Of Guru Nanak University!

PM Imran Khan To Lay Foundation Of Guru Nanak University!

Guru nanak university

The recent tensions between India and Pakistan have been thoroughly highlighted. There have been numerous misunderstandings and a constant exchange of jibes against each other that just doesn’t seem to have an end to it.

Where all seem lost between the two neighboring countries and their coming to an agreement seemed like a distant dream. We were surprised to see a sudden change of events. Despite humungous attempts of restraint from India. The Sikhs finally took a sigh of relief as India agreed to facilitate the opening of the Kartarpur corridor.

Guru Nankana Sahib – the biggest gurdwara in the world!

As we all know that Pakistan and especially Punjab, is home to the biggest pilgrimage site for the Sikh brotherhood. Due to the tensions between India and Pakistan, it was troubling for the Sikhs to visit this historic site. We are talking about the Kartarpur Guru nanak gurdwara which is roughly 60 km away from Lahore and is considered to be the biggest gurdwara of all.

Guru nanak university

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So, about 5 days ago, this historic decision was made by the authorities of both countries to facilitate its Sikh pilgrims. As the countries came to a historic agreement the Kartarpur was now open for all. Thousands of Sikh pilgrims coming from India can now travel easily.

They will also be facilitated by the authorities of both countries. However, one should not forget the role Pakistan has played in this historic event. It was, in fact, the efforts of our authorities that initiated and even forced India to come to the table.

We all know that Pakistan is a safe haven for its minorities. Unlike in India, our minorities are well-respected citizens and their rights fully adhered to. The recent announcement of the Guru Nanak University by the Prime Minister commemorates this fact.


The Baba Guru Nanak University:

Recently after the historic agreement, Pakistan once again proved how respectful it is towards its minorities. It was announced that on October 28th the Prime Minister Imran Khan himself will lay the foundation stone for the Guru Nanak University.

Ahead of the opening of the Kartarpur corridor, PM Imran Khan will inaugurate the building of this university at 11 am Monday. The ceremony will be held in Nankana Sahib for which all preparation has been made. The ceremony will see all the senior members of Pm Imran’s cabinet. Along with Punjab chief minister, federal ministers and foreign ambassadors also expected to attend.

The move will surely put forth a secular image of Pakistan in front of the world. With India still sticking to shady tactics and baseless allegation, Pakistan’s no talk only action policy is a great response always. Kudos to the Prime Minister for taking the lead and making us proud of this great gesture, an example for the world.

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