American Anchors Roast PM Imran Khan For Complaining About The ‘Bumpy’ Roads Of New York!

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the United States for United Nations General Assembly became iconic as he delivered one of the most eloquent and passionate speeches highlighting Indian atrocities in occupied-Kashmir. He is by far one of the only Muslim leaders that have taken the suffering of Kashmiri brothers and sisters to international forums bringing leaders together for their cause.

Imran Khan UNGA

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President of Turkey and Prime Minister of Malaysia joined hands with Imran on starting a venture together that includes a dedicated Anti-Islamophobia English channel. These are just a few of the many accomplishments that he has managed to achieve in such a small time after being declared as the leader of Pakistan. After his one-week visit to the United States, PM Imran had several interviews that he attended and one was on MSNBC.

The American Anchors Roast Imran Khan For Sounding Less Like A Leader Of A Country And More Like An Annoyed Voter From The Bronx!

He criticized America for investing heavily in Afganistan on a ‘futile war’ instead of focusing within their own country. Imran Khan shared the example of China, that while America was busy spending their taxpayers’ money into a useless war, the Chinese were building an impeccable infrastructure. PM of Pakistan also pointed out that while he was in New York, the roads there were bumpy and poor.

This comment got both the male and female anchors in fits of laughter. The male anchor than commented that Imran sounds more like a voter from the Bronx than a leader. Ouch! Imran’s words definitely hit the wrong nerve there. The anchor pointed out how people from the area Bronx in New York have a lot of complaints about the infrastructure of the city, much like Imran Khan.

Good thing the American host didn’t bring up the awful almost next to nothing infrastructure of Karachi; that would’ve been the ultimate humiliation. However, props to Imran Khan for having the guts to bring up their bad roads when his own country, specifically Karachi is rotting away. Considering he is in no position to nitpick their flaws, this was definitely a feat to pull off.

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