Imran Khan Just Became the Baap of All Trolls with this Tweet about Sharifs

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has a substantial following on Twitter and is a major wing of the political fraternity on Pakistani Twitter. Besides Khan sahab, major politicians are also a part of Twitter and are actively engaged in arguments, discussions on trending topics in the political spectrum of Pakistan.

While Imran Khan, he’s primarily posting about politics and politics. Elections, Nawaz Sharif, terrorism, Donald Trump, PTI and what not. You can swing by his twitter handle and learn first-hand knowledge on certain topics. Besides, Mr. Khan has never tweeted anything humorous which is why we are all amused. As usual, the PTI Chairman took a jab at Sharif family with regard to a story.

Here’s the other side of Imran Khan we don’t often come across…

OH GOD! SOMEBODY’S IN A GOOD MOOD HERE. This is absolutely hilarious!

Looks like Imran Khan has some sense of humor. We haven’t really seen him joking about things on Twitter in this fashion. Let’s find out what Pakistanis, in general, have to say about it.

Quite literally

Yes. Of all lighter notes.

People are having a nice laugh!


Full throttle

Not every day you come across such hilarious stuff from PTI Chairman Imran Khan. This is seriously rare, rare moments, so I might just say put your differences apart and have a good laugh.

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