PM Imran Khan To Send Food Supplies For Protestors In The Azadi March!

Imran Khan Azadi March

Under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sincere leadership, Pakistan is emerging as a potential state globally. Well, along with India, the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government is fighting against the internal state enemies as well. Recently, in an official rally, PM Imran Khan sabotaged the “Azadi March 2019” stance by saying that he’ll send food supplies for the protestors.

“Will send in food supplies for the protestors of “Azadi March 2019” – PM Imran Khan!

PM Imran Khan amidst the celebrations of Gilgit Baltistan’s independence day, addressed the Azadi parade. Starting off with the ongoing turmoil in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), he bashed Maulana Fazal ur Reham’s idea of the freedom protest. Calling “Azadi March 2019” a gimmick of unemployed people, PM Imran Khan sarcastically said that he’ll be sending in food supplies.

Here’s a video of PM Imran Khan while addressing the people of Gilgit, Baltistan!

According to media reports, PM Imran Khan had a scheduled visit to Gilgit, Baltistan on its independence day. After inauguring several different development projects in the city, Khan addressed the organized Azadi parade. Taking the current “Azadi March” in context, he said that no matter the protestors do, he will not resign from Prime Ministership.

Well, a major portion of Khan’s speech was based on the Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Further, he called Maulana Fazal ur Rehman’s protest a pastime for the unemployed. While discussing the expected duration of the Azadi March, Khan mockingly assured that if the protestors run out of food, he’ll send in more.

Several development projects inaugurated in Gilgit, Baltistan!

Commonly known as Maulana Diesel and Jamiat Ulema e Islam (JUI-F) has organized an “Azadi March” against the PTI government. Last week, the protest began with people joining in from different parts of the country. Particularly, the reason behind arranging the march is to make PM Imran Khan step down from his post.

PM Imran Khan on the illegal Indian abrogation of Article 370!

However, Khan has always been a brave man with principles to lead his life perfectly. Since PM Imran Khan has won the elections, he has been indulged in creating a positive impression of Pakistan worldwide. Earlier this year, when India illegally abrogated Article 370, Pakistan approached for a much legal stance regarding the dispute.

Well, the government’s stance on the “Azadi March” is evident for the protestors to see. While Maulana Fazal ur Rehman’s threats are catching pace with time, the PTI leadership seem to know their next tackling strategy.

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