Imran Khan Kicks Out Farooq Bandial from PTI after Social Media Waged a War against Him

Farooq Bandial, a former PML-(N) lawmaker hit the headlines after news surfaced about him joining PTI. Farooq Bandial has a criminal background, he was proven guilty in case of raping Shabnam, an actress.

Source: Twitter

Farooq Bandial hails from Khushab and back in 1979, he was convicted of committing gang rape and armed dacoity of Shabnam at her house in Gulberg, Lahore. Farooq Bandial was given a death sentence by a Special Military Court for the offense. It is known that Farooq Bandial served as a lawmaker under the flag of PML-(N) for 20 years. He joined PTI yesterday and was expelled hours after there was a backlash on social media against such a move.

Here’s how social media reacted to Imran Khan kicking out Farooq Bandial from PTI

Ooops! Shahbaz Taseer has got a point here…

Now that is thought-provoking indeed

However, Imran Khan is still being applauded for such a move

One should not forget this

Is he right?

There’s still a lot of backlash going on against him

This is the biggest question out there

Apparently, there are many loopholes in this case which reflect how vulnerable our judiciary system can be at some level. If Farooq Bandial was given the death sentence for the said offense by Military Court then how in the world he was serving as a lawmaker, representing a large party?

PML-(N)’s integrity as a political party has been called into question, plus why this matter was never heeded long before Farooq ever joined PTI? It simply shows how much ignorance prevails in the system. On the other hand, how can PTI not have a background on someone like him? How could they wipe off history and welcome such a man in their cult? Did they forsake being politically correct as a party?

Imran Khan’s picture with him is a major irony and it has distressed so many Pakistanis. People have clearly bashed the PTI Chairman and the party for such a move in the first place.

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