Imran Khan just Escaped the “Shoe” Again and Internet is Cracking up!

It is completely safe to say that shoe hurling is so 2018! A few days ago, Nawaz Shareef had to face a shoe by some molvi when he was approaching the rostrum to address the people. People all over had mixed reactions to the incident and even the non-supporters condemned the act. We live in a world were public defaming is considered as a pride. Well, why not? When someone is appreciated for doing such an act, who wouldn’t feel proud?

People already blamed Imran Khan when someone threw the shoe at Nawaz Shareef. So following the bandwagon, Imran Khan had to face one too! It’s like a war now. Because who cares about logically thinking on such matters! Imran Khan was addressing Gujrat for the membership campaign when this incident happened. Luckily, the shoe escaped Imran Khan and hit Aleem Khan on the chest.

Here’s the video when Imran Khan was addressing Gujrat and the shoe was thrown at him but hit Aleem Khan! Yikes!

People reacted to this incident just like they did on Nawaz Shareef, but this time, a little differently 😀

Well, as disgraceful as it is, hoping this would stop after this.

So, an auction was held too! Umm.. Interesting!

Confuse hain, saaday hain ya darpook?

Woah! That escalated quickly!

Not everything is fair in love and war. Okay, got it!

Really? When did that happen?

Yes! We all should condemn this heinous act of defaming people in public

Catching on trends is always okay until it is not harming anyone. But this needs to stop, be in PML-N or PTI or any other party this practice shouldn’t continue. All people can do is hope to have some empathy and sense. Well, if you people have anything to add to the story, please comment below to let us know and share.

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