PM Imran Khan Will Not Live In Expensive Hotels On His Trip To USA To Save Pakistan’s Money!

Prime Minister Imran Khan was said to meet the President of United States Donald Trump on July 22. The news was given the Foreign Office Spokesperson, Dr. Muhammad Faisal. He during the weekly media briefing, informed about PM’s visit to the States on Donald Trump’s invitation.

The visit is aimed towards improving the ties between the two countries, said Dr. Faisal. Trump on the other side on January 3 discussed the future meetup with Pakistani leaders in a cabinet meeting. He talked about his wish to have a good relationship with Pakistan, however, showed concerns, saying, “wishes to have a great relationship with Pakistan, but they house the enemy, they take care of the enemy”. 

Furthermore, in March, Trump expressed his eagerness towards the meeting with Pakistan’s officials as he considered the relationship between the two countries to be “very good”.

Source: The Economist

Prime Minister of Pakistan also has plans in store for his three-day long State visit which is starting on 21st of July.

Imran Khan Wishes To Stay At The Country’s Ambassador Asad Majeed’s Official Residence In Washington Instead At An Expensive Hotel.

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Although that is a smart move from Imran trying to avoid expensive lodging and staying at the Pakistan Ambassador to the United States’s residence and saving as much as he can, however, the US secret services and the city administration didn’t appear to be on board with the PM’s desire, sources probed.

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There Are A Few Concerns That Arise If He Chooses To Stay At The Ambassador’s House.

Dr. Asad Majeed’s house is situated in the area where several embassies exist nearby, that of India, Turkey, and Japan. While embassies of Brazil, Britain and South Africa are not too far off.

Since the residence isn’t large enough for Imran Khan to hold several meetings and guests, considering a visiting head holds various gatherings with US officials, lawmakers, and media representatives; Imran will have to travel to Pakistan embassy for all his gatherings.

The problem arises not only of Imran Khan’s security but the commuting to Pakistan embassy he and his entourage will have to do taking the route that links most of the above-mentioned embassies including US president’s official residence.

Source: Maclean’s

Trumps immediate family members live between the two locations, as well. Hence, Imran Khan’s daily commute will cause discomfort to several ambassadors who will be traveling to and from their workplaces. Since the security measures will have to involve closing down the roads temporarily.

So the US secret services will have to face a hassle regarding security.

What do you think? After all the security measures in consideration would you still support Imran Khan’s decision on inexpensive lodging? 

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