WATCH: Video Of PM Imran Khan Crying Goes Viral On The Internet

Imran Khan Crying

Pakistan has previously been quite unfortunate when it comes to having honest and visionary leadership. Every other ‘selected’ body would mainly be interested in corruption and minting money as soon as they sat on the ruling throne. However, back in 2018, Pakistan, after incurring decades of corruption, finally got Prime Minister Imran Khan as their leader.

There have been times when the nation has witnessed the dire efforts of PM Imran in making things right for Pakistan. But how many times has the world seen a leader crying for its nation? It’s pretty rare, right? Well, that’s what separates Pakistan’s current PM form the rest.

Recently, a short video of PM Imran has surfaced on the internet where he’s seen crying in worry for the people of his country.

Here’s the video here that has won hearts overnight

Undoubtedly, Pakistan is truly blessed to have a leader like PM Imran Khan who keeps his people first. As per details, the viral video has been made by hidden means which is now garnering prayers and appreciation for him. Moreover, the clip was made in PM Imran’s Bani Gala residence in Islamabad.

It’s quite heart-rending and uneasy to watch an honest leader breaking into tears because of the difficult time that has arrived upon Pakistan and the world. Declared as the ‘global health emergency’ by the World Health Organization (WHO), the coronavirus pandemic has, till now, swallowed thousands of innocent lives worldwide.

Twitteratis react to the viral video of PM Imran

Fortunately, the fatality rate in Pakistan is quite low as compared to several other developed countries. Curbing the tensed situation, Pakistan’s government is tirelessly working on providing relief to its citizens during these harsh times. And honestly, the pressure and tension on PM Imran’s face can vividly be seen during his official pressers and media conferences.

Soon after the precious video emerged online, Twitter was flooded with love for PM Imran.

We literally don’t deserve this man


Too many emotions in a single video

The nation is with you

Love from Turkey

Speaking of the widespread coronavirus, Pakistan’s government extended the lockdown for another two weeks yesterday. But there is some relief given to the business community this time. However, the most affected areas are still completely sealed to prevent it from spreading any further.

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