Imran Khan Announces the Fate of Lockdown and Social Media Express its Opinion!

Just today Imran Khan announced a big news about the upcoming lock down in Islamabad, a movement that he had been planning for about a month since his famous Raiwind speech.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s leader announced to the public that the lock down has to be delayed following a good news he received from the Supreme Court. The announcement came after Supreme Court declared that it would look into the matter of Nawaz Shareef’s name in Panama Leaks. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is required for a reply to Supreme Court before Thursday (November 3, 2016).

PTI Chief, Imran Khan, also asked his supporters and party workers to go back home and rest for the day. However, he has called them back tomorrow for a celebratory speech that would take place in Islamabad’s Parade Ground. He asked the public to gather an ocean of 10 lac (1 million) people to join him in the venue where they would celebrate and decide what should happen next.

Although the whole idea of a lockdown was so that the government either steps down or the issue of Panama Leaks is legally met in court, Twitter and Facebook have expressed their own opinion about the sudden change of events. Let us go through them now:

It Certainly Seems Like That, MJ

We have yet to see how all those people who were protesting near Motorway feel about this sudden change of plans.

Views of Anonymity

Na Maloom Afraad is always quick to react about political tensions and we enjoy it every time!

She Does Have a Point!

The decision taken by Imran Khan has multiple faces. Just like a coin, its up to you which side you want to look at.

Even Them!

Maybe Imran Khan chose to do this because he genuinely wants the Prime Minister to surrender.

If You Think Otherwise, Here is How You Can Increase Your Grammar!

If you are still not satisfied, here is a little something while you laugh at all the PTI supporters.

Momina Mustehsan for me!

Again, Momina Mustehsan for me!

Someone Talking Sense Perhaps?

Look Away, Imran Khan!

Here is one tweet that even Imran Khan should not ignore:

Whatever the real cause of the delay for a lock down is, for now, the situation seems to have improved. In fact, reports are coming in that Pakistan Stock Exchange went up by an exponential amount just after Imran Khan announced the news. Lahore High Court also announced that all PTI supporters should respectfully be released by the police and that any road blockages should be removed. Let us just hope the situation does not heat up once again.

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