PM Imran Khan Announces ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ TV Channel With Help Of Tayyip Erdogan & Mahathir Mohd!

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‘Religion has nothing to do with terrorism’, said Imran Khan at the UN conference on hate speech this Wednesday. It’s the same narrative that Muslims around the world have been trying to make everyone understand, in response to hate crimes against the Muslim community. Unfortunately, these crying voices speaking the truth fade behind the targetted campaigns portraying Islam and its followers in a negative light; that has resulted in Islamophobia.

Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a befitting reply at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) event when asked about Modi and Trump’s fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Imran Council On Foreign relation

Via Facebook/Imran Khan

This definitely motivated Imran to take further steps in promoting the religion in its entire truth and essence. Furthermore, he took it to Twitter to announce the action plan to fight Islamophobia and misconceptions about Islam, worldwide.

Imran addressed the ‘Radical Islam’ issue at UNGA!

Pakistan, Turkey, and Malaysia will start an Anti-Islamophobia Channel spreading the real image, concept, and ideology of Islam!

Imran has taken a head-on approach declaring collaborating with President Erdogan of Turkey and PM Mahatir of Malaysia on a project that involves a dedicated English language channel aimed at “setting the record straight on our great religion – Islam.” as Imran placed it.

A dedicated media presence will be given to the Muslims addressing all issues linked to Islamophobia.

According to Imran, sensitive subjects will be discussed in detail that unite people against Muslims leading to hate crimes.

Muslim leaders have not been able to come together and selflessly work for Islam but for the first time in this modern era, Imran Khan was able to achieve this feat. Not only he has convinced them to speak up on the Indian atrocities against Muslims of Kashmir but strive to promote Islam and battle the enemies giving the religion a bad name.

This channel will not only educate the Non-Muslims but also help the Muslims as well. This news comes as a pleasant surprise for everyone and they express their joy.

Indeed, this is beneficial for the Ummah as well.

A little constructive criticism and praise on his credible efforts towards spreading the true religion of peace.

This is a great initiative and will yield desired results that will hopefully change the perceptions of anti-Muslims around the globe.

Finally, the leaders have taken charge to battle the long-standing issues affecting Muslim communities around the world; where innocent children, women, and men are targetted since there is a false idea attached to the religion. Kudos to Prime Minister for embodying the real spirit of a Muslim leader.


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