PM Imran Khan Accepts All Demands Of JUI-F Except His Resignation!

Imran khan accepts jui-f demands

The recent developments regarding the JUI-F’s protest in the capital have grabbed the attention of the whole nation. The Azadi March as it was named started from Karachi on the 27th of October. The protest led by JUI-F chief then entered Islamabad on the 31st. The protest seems to be against the rising economic tensions in the country. On one side there is Prime Minister Imran Khan, the other is crowded by all those opposing him.

Imran khan accepts jui-f demands


While addressing the dharna yesterday, Maulana Fazal said: “We are close to achieving our objectives and the sit-in will continue until the demands are met or the All Parties’ Conference comes to a conclusion on it”

Seen as Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s last attempt to save his fading politics. The protest’s main agenda is to force the resignation of the Prime Minister. In his mission, he is supported by almost all the parties that are in opposition. The protest has now entered its 8th day and still, the protestors remain unmoved from their demands. The resignation of the PM is their NO.1 agenda.

The negotiations are in progress:

Even before the protest had even started, PM had made a negotiating team that would deal with the protestors. The seven-member negotiation committee tried their best to persuade the protestors to call off their dharna. On Tuesday, PM Imran Khan gave the go-ahead to the committee to accept the demands only if they are according to the law. The PM’s resignation, however, is off the table.

Imran khan accepts jui-f demands

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Recently, Fazl had threatened civil disobedience if his demands weren’t met. The growing risk of violence related to the protest is now looming above us.  If we look at the background, especially with all the tensions going around the border, we can see how unnecessary this dharna actually is. Despite the economic crisis being a fact, it is not Imran Khan’s fault that led us to this position. It is the fault of those in opposition, who have made this country so financially weak.

The Azadi march is just consuming resources and attention that could have made an impact elsewhere.This dharna is really slowing the ramification process that our country is in a dire need of.

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