Imran Abbas on New Stars: “Not Recognizing Them”

Imran Abbas on New Stars Not Recognizing Them

Renowned actor Imran Abbas, a key player in the entertainment sector, recently gave his thoughts on the new wave of stars hitting the scene. Despite his status as one of the country’s top superstars, Imran Abbas claimed that he prefers to stay inside his own circle and is not well-versed on the industry’s budding potential.

During an appearance on Something Haute, the actor revealed that due to his focus on work, reading, and travel, he often finds himself unfamiliar with the names and achievements of the younger generation of stars. Imran expressed that it’s not a matter of arrogance but a genuine lack of awareness about these newer faces. He mentioned that when considering potential co-stars for a project, he relies on his team to provide information about the work and background of these rising stars.

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