Importance Of Nutrition And Milk For Children, Especially In School Lunch Breaks

Mothers are happiest when their children thrive in academics and balance it off with success in physical activities such as sports.

Mothers contribute to all spheres of life to help her child shine –in their studies, home environment, and nourishing them with meals.

But mothers also need to take proper care of their children’s nutrition when they are not around and one of these instances is especially when they are at school.

Importance of School Lunch Break:

Navigating the school routine can be tough for children. Routine tests, learning and memorizing multiple subjects in a day can be draining for children. Amid such a routine, a school lunch break of around 30 minutes is the only time a child can hit the refresh button.

That’s why it’s imperative to consume proper nutrition during this period. While breakfast fuels a child early in the day, eating in the break keeps them going for the remaining half. Mothers need to pack nutrition-rich foods for their children to retain the mental and physical strength they started their day with.

What Should Be Included in Children’s School Lunchbox:

Before discussing how a nutritious snack can help a student, let’s explore what constitutes a healthy school snack. Foods rich in vitamins, calcium, protein, and even healthy carbs and fats is ideal for a school-going child. Mothers should pack school lunch boxes that include vegetables, fruits, healthy snacks like sandwiches or kababs, and most importantly, milk.

Developed countries like the USA, China, Turkey, and the UK include milk in their school lunches because they recognize the importance of this nutritious drink, especially during school. School meal programs in the USA have included milk as a compulsory inclusion in 4.9 billion lunches and 2.45 billion breakfasts annually.

Let’s take a deeper look below into what makes milk such an important meal for school-going students.

Milk is in itself a whole food enriched with nutrients beneficial for children, including calcium, protein and vitamin B12. It is an excellent substitute that nourishes the mind and body, providing them with tremendous benefits.

Vitamin B12 in milk helps rejuvenate mental energy and improves brain development. Milk also improves short-term memory in children, as discovered in 2009 by the National Institution of Nutrition in Vietnam.

The protein and calcium in milk helps muscle and bone development, which helps students perform better in physical activities. A research conducted in Korea discovered that milk consumption during adolescence improves bone density. 

How Can Mothers Add Milk To Children’s School Lunch Box:

Multiple researches point toward milk being one of the healthiest school snacks. Mothers should pack milk for their children every morning when they prepare their school lunch boxes and send them to school.  

Olper’s Flavoured Milk combines essential nutrients with great taste. In addition to being convenient for a mother, it has all the necessary nutrients required by children to excel in their daily school life, academically and physically.

Parents should ensure that their children get the right nutrition during the day, especially during the school break. This is why it is essential to give them nutritious foods which can help them continue their studies and extracurriculars. 

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