Women Came Out Shaming Cricketer Imam-Ul-Haq In #MeToo Movement But Social Media Is Supporting Him!

These days Pakistani celebrities seem to be on the verge of getting exposed. Several famous names have already been accused of harassment charges and the list is gradually pulling out. Being a well-known personality has its own perks but how the person carries it is what matters the most. After some other names related to different industries, another name recently got caught in the infamous #MeToo stance.

The #MeToo movement against famous Pakistani names!

Starting from the singer and actor Ali Zafar being accused by his fellow singer Meesha Shafi of harassing her, later the famous YouTuber Ukhano being accused of sexual harassment, then the actor Mohsin Abbas Haider facing allegations by his wife and now the Pakistani cricketer Imam ul Haq, the list doesn’t seem to stop. This #MeToo movement doesn’t seem to spare anyone.

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Imam ul Haq accused of harassment charges!

Recently, several screenshots of chats were leaked over the internet which are said to be of Pakistani batsman Imam ul Haq. The screenshots were leaked by some girl on Twitter which gained hype overnight. An exchange sensual demands and inappropriate behavior seen in the leaked chats. The scandal is believed to be lying in the #MeToo category too which has now become a trending situation in Pakistan.

As the chats seem to be on a consensual basis, Pakistanis are supporting Imam ul Haq and accusing the girl of fulfilling her “Gold Digger” demands.

Here’s the tweet that went viral over the internet!

Exactly, it all seems consensual!

That is saying a lot!

Well, the girl who leaked the screenshots at first is now believed to be hiding from her claims. The tweets shes made before were later deleted aft she managed to gain a good number of followers. This act is already speaking in Imam ul Haq’s favor.

Gained 13k followers. Way to go girl!

Currently, the girl has removed her display picture and no tweets regarding Imam ul Haq is seen in the profile.


Well, it looks like the girl’s allegations backfired real bad. The case took a twist when another Twitter account with the same girl’s name and previous display picture made accusations on other Pakistani cricketers and it is so messed up.

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This is what the girl tweeted against Pakistani bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi!

A poll has also been created to expose other Pakistani cricketers one by one!

No wonder what the girl actually wants or what’s the truth behind but whatever it is, it’s getting extremely intense.

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