“Their Parents Know I Beat Them,” Says Mosque Imam Caught Hitting Children With Pipe

imam mosque beating kids

“Their parents know I beat these children,” these are the words of a mosque Imam in Karachi who was caught beating children with a rubber pipe. The video surfaced on the internet yesterday and since then, has gone viral.

In the video, a mosque Imam can be seen hitting small taliba (students) with a round rubber pipe. The Imam can be seen using extreme force while doing so. Not lightly, or trying to correct them, the hits he gives to the children make them scream with pain.

The person recording the video then intercepts the ordeal and confronts the Imam for beating the children. He tells the Imam this was no way to correct the children’s mistake. To this, the Imam replies with: “their parents know I beat them, and it is none of your business to correct me.”

The Imam then asks the concerned person to go ‘perform his prayers’ and leave, and not get involved in matters of the mosque. Later, the person asks the children why they were being beaten. One child replies: “we missed classes yesterday, that is why we are being beaten.”

“This is wrong. Do not beat them with the pipe. Why are you doing this? These children are innocent. They are small. Do not beat them with the pipe!”

Once the video went on social media, people surely made it heart how averse they were to the idea.

This is how people reacted to the video

It is a fact that the inhumane way these kids are being beaten is very wrong. Even animals do not treat smaller ones this way. Parents need to realize that giving Imam laissez-faire to do anything with their kids is very, very wrong.

Parents also need to realize that these beatings and harsh treatment take a toll on the children’s mental health as well. They might get corrected in a short time, but these severe beatings will take a negative toll on them in the long run.

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