Imam Of A Lahore Mosque Was Abusing Children For 15 Years & No One Knew

Qari Tahir Shah
Yet another child abuse case has been reported and we are sure that it will just be another case and that’s it. An Imam of Jamia Mosque Lahore has been sexually abusing children for the last 15 years and no one had any clue. The mosque is located in Model Town, Lahore.

Are these the Qari of our society?

The news went out when a graphic video on social media showing an assault by the same Imam went viral. The sexual predator, identified as Qari Tahir Shah, abuses children from a very early age. Meanwhile, one of his alleged victims has also exposed him in a different video.

In the video, the 27-year-old male victim said he was only 12-year-old when first raped by Qari Tahir Shah. In addition, he claimed he was sexually abused many times since then.

Child sexual abuse cases have shockingly been growing expeditiously in Pakistan. Every day a new child abuse case is brought to the forefront. Around 10 children are sexually abused every day in Pakistan. The total number of cases continues to increase.

The alleged victim in the video by Viral Trends shared how his fear used to always stop him from taking a stand. Moreover, he added to his statement that Qari Tahir Shah was adamant to end his life if the word ever gets out.

He is just not the only victim. In fact, there are numerous boys who have been a victim of the Iman. He also talked about how they were all scared of taking a stand for themselves.

Sexual harassment, physical abuse, and rape continue to exist in religious institutes throughout Pakistan. Several clerics are known to be sexual predators of male children.

What more could a victim want?

The unnamed male victim appealed to the police and the judiciary of Pakistan for justice. Additionally, due to his life being in danger, he also wanted protection.

He also admitted in the video that he could not tell his parents about this. However, he advised people to always reach out to the parents if they ever experience such attacks.

This is not the first time a Qari Sahab has sexually abused a child, there are a number of such cases. When will these powerful groups of Pakistan stop sweeping their crimes under the carpet? The victims deserve justice, which is never given to them. How long will this go on for? Why is the government taking no permanent action?


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