“Have you slept with him?” Imam-ul-Haq shuts down Nosy Indian Journalist with his Witty Reply

Every Pakistani takes huge pride in our National Cricket Team. A selection of the country’s finest sportsmen that make Pakistan proud not just locally but internationally, too!

Imam-ul-Haq is one of the newest additions to the team. In his first match ever (against Sri Lanka), he became the second Pakistani in history to score a century on their debut. His outstanding performance against Hong Kong a couple of days ago shows that he’s a very talented lad.

However, people don’t talk about this. Instead, they focus on his relationship with his uncle, the legendary Inzaman-ul-Haq (ex-Captain of the National Cricket team).

Apparently, Imam-ul-Haq is very tired of this. How do I know? Well, he just asked an Indian reporter if he used to sleep with his uncle Inzamam.


The Indian reporter asked Imam if his sleeping habits were similar to that of his uncle, Inzamam (whose sleeping habits have been exaggerated by people everywhere). The question was somewhat personal and it seemed to piss off Imam, who then responded by asking the reporter if he’d slept with Inzamam because of the reporter’s knowledge of his uncle’s sleeping habits.

This response by Imam had two main reactions by people.

1. People who were offended:

2. People who couldn’t stop laughing:

Both these reactions are somehow justified, I feel. It’s of no doubt that the Indian Reporter’s questions were way out of line. Someone’s sleeping habits are a personal thing and by asking that question, the reporter also insulted Imam’s uncle Inzamam.

However, Imam-ul-Haq is representing Pakistan on an International Platform. He should be more careful on what sort of remarks he passes because they reflect on Pakistan as a whole, not just himself. One should remain polite and courteous in such a situation.

What do you think? Was Imam’s reaction justified or should he have not said what he did? Let us know in the comments below.

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