Imam Caught Raping 6-Year-Old Girl Inside Mosque Gets Dose Of Public Humiliation

rape in mosque

Rape is one of the worst crimes that humans have witnessed. However, there are kinds of rape: a rape with a minor a gang rape, and many more. Raping a minor is one of the worst acts. Recently, an Imam of a mosque was caught trying to force himself on a little girl in a Jhelum mosque.

To our utter dismay, the girl is a minor of 6 years old. Sadly, the man, Jamshed Iqbal, who tried to take the girl’s innocence is not just a random guy but a preacher, an Imam.

As per the tweet, he is is the Imam of Masjid Qaim Deen. Luckily, the vicious soul act was caught on camera. Consequently, the residents of the particular area and management of the mosque took his clothes off and paraded him for futher humiliation.

He is being dragged and beaten by the public, as evident in the video above.

Earlier, the motorway rape case wreaked havoc on many souls. After such a tragic incident, people in Pakistan have demanded to impose Islamic punishment for rapists. There is a growing consensus among the masses that the rapists should be hung publicly in Pakistan.

Here’s how people on social media reacted to the ferocious act

Where are all the Maulvis? Now, why don’t they demand stoning of this accursed Maulvi ???

Why is this dog being carried so comfortably it should be hung on the square Zero tolerance for these bastards

Make the illegitimate pig manless and hand him over to the living eagles. He will be free again. Don’t trust the police. Do yourself justice in this society.

He should be hanged in front of this mosque and his body should be hung for a lesson.

Islam the religion of peace has nothing to do with this incident. Hence, it is the Molvi who is responsible; people must not bring Islam in between. With the grace of Allah, people caught the culprit, and hopefully, he will see a miserable end.

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