Imaan Mazari Finally Breaks Silence Over Her Photos That Wreaked Havoc On Social Media

Social media is an unbelievable place sometimes. Scandals and controversies can spread like wildfire and especially those having no form of credibility. Anyone can become a victim of scandals emerging around the web and just recently, Imaan Mazari, the daughter of parliamentarian Shireen Mazari became the victim of keyboard warriors after her pictures started circulating all over social media.

The images were taken while she was partying and enjoying some private time. Those were spread all over social media and people, one after another lashed out at her with their sheer judgments.

This is what wreaked a havoc on social media the other day

Man, these people…

Imaan Mazari has a strong message for all those who judged her

via Imaan Zainab Mazari-Hazir

There actually very decent comments that followed her public post. Many people support her for how she tackles the situation. For all those people who felt liable to feel bothered about someone’s private life and activities, they should at least hold their judgments back, keep it confined to themselves. It puts everyone to shame how people find it easy to lash out their awful judgments over anyone.

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