‘I’m Not An Activist’ – Mahira Khan Openly Talks About Her Stance On Activism

Mahira Khan is known for her outstanding performance for Humsafar and there he got the main popularity. She’s been in the limelight the day her character Khirad appreciated all over Pakistan and there her success journey began.

In our Industry, there are several women out there who consider themselves an activist and take full part in social activities.

Source: Express Tribune

The actor Mahira Khan being the brand ambassador of Pakistan Pavillion at the Expo 2020 Dubai sat down for an interview with the Khaleej Times.

Source: Express Tribune

She talked about her recent role as Major General Nigar Johar in the telefilm Aik Hai Nigar and shared her views on activism.

Mahira Khan shared her views on the activism

On being the official brand ambassador, Mahira Khan said, “I’m amazed, I’m so proud. We were just talking about this how I was appointed as the brand ambassador of the pavilion itself. I’m happy that the Ministry of Commerce has taken an initiative.

Source: Khaleej Times

It starts from taking the initiative.” She added, “We’re all in positions of power. So, when the Ministry says we want to do this, go ahead and do this, we support you that’s huge.

We’ve got all these talented people on board who are being supported by the government back home and by the UAE government as well.”

When the interviewer asked her about activism, Mahira Khan explained her stance for not calling herself an activist.  

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This platform is such a blessing that allows us to speak whenever we want. “One image, one video that we post makes a difference because we have that kind of following.

You realize that you have this reach where people are clicking on your profile and that’s how your message gets amplified.”

She further elaborated, “As far as activism goes, yes, I do speak out about things close to my heart. I stay silent about things that I feel I don’t know enough about.

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But ‘activists’ are those who are actively working every day for a cause. So I don’t call myself an activist. I do try to use my platform for different causes but ‘activism’ is a wholly different ballgame.”

‘I saw the criticism’ – Mahira Khan on her film

Mahira also talked about her new film and the role she did. I’ve gotten messages from all over the world about this telefilm.


I suppose it has hit some chords and perhaps it’s because of our hard work, intentions, or that it’s a true story.

When I saw the criticism, I told myself I would not let it affect me even though it did. But this is not a narrative that was taken from someone or somewhere else.”

She added, “It was an idea Nina (Kashif) and I pitched. It took us a year to get clearance. How many times do you see a biopic on a serving general, male or female?

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She’s serving in the army, she’s a woman, she’s the first general.” On how she feels certain things in the film could have been phrased in a better way, Mahira added.

“There were many things we couldn’t talk about or there were things we couldn’t say but despite all of that, this was a story we needed to tell. Some things or one thing could have been said in a better way but other than that I can’t be apologetic about something I’ve worked so hard for.”

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Mahira Khan has always been around Paparazzi that created trouble for her in some ways. You all might remember her and Ranbir Kapoor’s smoking incident.

Despite that controversy, Mahira Khan recently grabbed the Filmfare Middle East with a high achiever’s award.

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