Pakistan Praises IIlyas From Norway Who Is Being Hailed As ‘Muslim Hero’

Defender of Quran Ilyas Norway

The entire online Muslim community praised the young Muslim man Ilyas who disrupted an anti-Muslim rally held in Norway on Friday. He in a bid to stop extremist Thorsen belonging from the far-right group SIAN (SIAN (Stop the Islamisation of Norway) from burning the Holy Quran, hurled himself at him at the cost of his own life.

Ilyas Norway Quran Burning Incident

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Ilyas was hailed as the ‘Defender of the Quran’ and was given various titles of praise, including ‘Muslim Hero’and ‘Ilyas Hero of Muslim Ummah’.

The incident was unfortunate, hateful, extremist and Islamophobic. Similarly, the reality is far too clear for the world to see but often ignored; that who are the real extremists. Provocation leads to nothing but hatred and animosity.

Trying to burn one of the holiest books of Muslims hurt the sentiments of billions. However, Ilyas’s bravery to somehow stop the blasphemy gave the Muslims community a reason to rejoice.

Ilyas Norway Defender of Quran

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Pakistan condemned the incident and honored Ilyas!

Pakistan as much as it was enraged was also celebrating the Muslim lad’s efforts. Islamophobia is very much prevalent and is becoming severe by the passing time. DG ISPR Major Gen Asif Ghafoor also spoke on the Quran burning incident in Norway.

He tweeted,Salute to brave #Ilyas for displaying courage to stop an absolutely deplorable action. Such Islamophobia based provocations only promote hatred & extremism. All religions are and must stay respectable. Islamophbia is threat to global peace and harmony.” 

Indeed, Islamophobia is a threat to global peace. Moreover, it is a dangerous weapon, since it resides as a ‘concept’ within the minds of countless individuals. In addition, to battle such intentionally misplaced notions about Islam, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan brought Turkish and Malaysian leaders together to start an English anti-Islamophobia channel. This will include debunking myths, incorrect perceptions and promote the real message of Islam.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also shared his sentiments towards Ilyas.

He tweeted, More than 5 BN ppl in the world think Islam is not a divine msg, do we Muslims want to hurt or massacre those ppl? NO!.. U r free & welcome to disagree/criticise us but deliberately/maliciously desecrate/insult/humiliate/persecute? No… NOT OK! U have my respect Mr #Ilyas!

Hamza’s words definitely struck a chord. Moreover, this incident must have touched him deeply, specifically because of his recent announcement to quit showbiz to promote the message of Allah SWT.

Here’s the complete video of Norway Quran burning incident.

Pakistan Union Norway shares its disappointment.

The Pakistan Union Norway (PUN) also condemned this incident and PUN Chairman Chaudhry Qamar Iqbal said that the man has hurt the sentiments of Muslims around the world. Moreover, he informed that the Norwegians were peaceful people that respected the rights of other religions; which in turn, gave Norway a great reputation around the globe.

Many called Ilyas a lion and denounced the Norweigian police to enable such acts of disrespect.

The biasness and discrimination by the authorities of Norway were witnessed yesterday by the entire world. In addition to this, the world is seeking justice for Ilyas as he is currently in police custody.

Pakistanis pray for his safety including every Muslim facing such troublesome circumstances.

Sadly, details revealed by some sources say that a few copies of the Quran were thrown into the dumpster by the extremist protestors, while one was set ablaze by the man in the video. Such incidents of pure hate towards Muslims have placed their security and well-being in danger. Moreover, the hour has come to stand united against Islamophobia and battle this plague with love, kindness and with the demonstrations of real Islam and its teachings.

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