Illuminati or Coincidence: 8 Times When TV Shows And Movies Accurately Predicted Our Future

We live in a world of constant uncertainty and unpredictability. It is a place where everyone is getting their predictions wrong. Media got it wrong with BREXIT and Donald Trump, Pakistan and its youth got it wrong with Nawaz Sharif and MQM winning NA-246, Imran Khan on his third wedding (not yet but will surely happen) and Shahid Afridi retiring from cricket.


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But in hiding, there are people who always get their predictions of the future on point. And not just a few days before the actual occurrence, but months and years before they actually happen. Most recently, the internet broke down when people found out that Trump already was the president of the United States 16 years ago on an episode of the famous Cartoon TV Show ‘The Simpsons’.

Source: Snopes

Source: Snopes

Conspiracy theorists call them the Illuminati (The secret group that controls the media, wealth, and politics of the world) and the rest just call them pure coincidence. So, whether by accident or by design, here are a few instances where they freak us out with their insanely accurate predictions of the future:


  1. When the Simpson knew the Republicans will win:

In an episode of The Simpsons in 2012:


Electoral Map of the USA in 2016

Source: Google

Source: Google

Except for the small state of Virginia, The result of every State is spot on!


      2. When Johnny Bravo predicted 9/11 incident 5 months before it happened:



Cue the Johnny Bravo “NOOOOOOOO” Scream


  1. When The Simpsons saw the twin towers falling before they did as well:


9 and twin towers next to it, coincidence???


  1. When Back to the Future: Part 2 showed 2015 in 1989:


Not sure if Marty McFly also spent half the time asking “Tum ko meri awaz arahi hai?”


  1. When Minority Report Predicted Targeted Advertising and touch screen interface:

This story of the 2002 movie shows the technology that can foresee the future crimes and helps police stop them. But what they did get right are the technological advances:

Google now uses an algorithm that alters search results into the very thing that you are interested in and are looking for on the internet.

Basically, those perverted ads you see on the internet, well, you need to get a new hobby. *wink wink*


  1. When Total Recall Predicted Self-Driving Cars in 1990




  1. When 2001: The Space Odyssey Predicted Artificial Intelligence in 1968



I think I already like this better than Siri!



  1. When Will Smith figured out what American Security Agencies were up to before we all did

In the 1998 movie, The Enemy of State, the movie explores the idea that the government can keep track of everything you do or speak with the scary technology at their disposal. The idea became a reality when the infamous whistle blower Edward Snowden released classified documents on the National Security Agency (NSA) and how it kept tabs on its own citizens and people abroad by violating their privacy.


  1. When a Pakistani Plane was already on the World Trade Center – 1979


    Source: Keepo

In all fairness, one of the biggest reasons why we don’t foresee things that are happening to us is because we tend to live in a closed world of social media where you see what you want to see and hear what you want.  We choose neither to follow nor hear from people who disagree with us and watch those TV channels that satisfy our need to hear our rhetoric spoken out loud. And when that happens, we are caught off guard with certain events like BREXIT where media thought that there will be a unanimous decision for the side that wanted to remain in the European Union. Most of the Pakistanis thought PTI will sweep the nation but instead we have the same old faces. Those allegations of corruption and fake balloting aside, we have to admit that our deluded world did get the better of us and hopefully, we will try to be more open-minded and receptive of the opposing view. Otherwise, we will get more shocks in life like we did yesterday.

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