Ifrah Humayun; Upcoming Fashion Powerhouse

1. Who are you? – Tell us about yourself/ your team

Fashion student, learning moreover skills to achieve bigger and better opportunities in life. Believing in every initial to access the key to the door of success.

2. Tell us about your brand ‘Ifrah Humayun’

Not just a brand but a fashion house, where one can get an attire of their own choice, whether it’s eastern or western. Compilation of cuts and designs varying with different range. Making sure about one’s feasibility.


3. What inspired you to come up with such an initiative?

My mother and brother! These two people inspire me to be where I am today. You can call it heredity, that’s what I believe. The amount of support and love I get from them makes me initiate more towards leading and a better life. I look up to them, and that’s what makes me realize; I have to attain so much.

4. How does your brand aim to make a difference?

Specifications bound you, where as IH is not specified as a clothing brand only. It’s a studio as well, whereas the society is more attracted. Differentiation is more likely when you’re doing something out of the box, and it is aimed to be like this. And further plans which will remain untold to sustain the level of curiosity among my loyal followers.


5. Where do you see the brand in the next 5 years?

That’s a long span of time to tell but from the revenue and great support, I see it going internationally rather than staying in a domestic criteria

6. What would be your ultimate goal for the youth around you?

My aim is to empower the youth to make their own decisions and bring in new ideas when it comes to fashion designing. Our youth is full of talent. That talent , those creative ideas and designs need to be shown to the world and that’s what my ultimate goal is , to bring the youth forward

7. What is your advice to other individuals who are trying to achieve a dream like yourself?

Be ambitious about each and every aspect of your life, and understand the value of time. A lot of pride drowns you, so be careful about your dreams not getting fond of ‘pride’ to accomplish what you want.


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