If You Think Islam Asks Women To Stay In Their Homes, You Need To Read This

There have been infinitely long arguments on how a woman should behave in society. Some linking this to religion and pointing her to stay at her home, while others feel it necessary to take her out. It is really strange that in the world of men, no one decides how they should behave in a society, and how they should treat their women of their household.

For this man, he has his logic and reasoning all set as he takes on all keyboard jihadis using nothing but Islamic history:

“I feel sad on the thinking of some not but most Pakistanis and so called muslims who say Islam asks women to stay in their homes. I would only say to them ke unko apna ye Islam mubarik ho (I would only like to congratulate them on their version of Islam). If, they had read Islamic history, they should know about Khadija RA who was a trader & her wealth helped in freeing Islam’s first converts.

They forgot Aisha RA who led the Battle of Camel and was one of the major narrators of hadith. They forgot Asma bint Yazid RA who was a warrior, & was compared with Khalid Bin Walid, she killed 9 Byzatine soldiers in Battle of Yarmuk. They forgot Rufaidah Aslamiyyah who was an expert in medicine and surgery. She used to tend to the sick and wounded in the battlefields. They forgot Summaya bint Khubbat RA, the first martyr of Islam, she was tortured to give up Islam but she died with ‘Ahad’ on her tongue. They forgot Umm Sulaym and Salīt bint ‘Ubayd RA who provided water to the thirsty in Battle of Uhad. They forgot Nasība bint Ka’b who fought alongside Prophet SAW in Battle of Uhad and even fought bravely in Battle of Yarmuk. They forgot Umm Salamah, who Prophet SAW consulted when he negotiated the Treaty of Hudaibah. They forgot about Shifa Bint Abdullah who Prophet SAW & Hazrat Umar RA appointed the administator of one of the largest markets of Madinah. They forgot Zainab RA, the primary defender of the cause of her brother, after his martydom in Karbala.

If these stupid people had read Islamic history, they would know women were actively engaged in every field, be it politics, government.. WOMEN were not confined, as most Pakistanis and Islamic Scholars have assumed, to mothering and household occupation.”

















It is quite interesting when you think that most people have an “in-depth” knowledge of how a woman should be treated and should behave in society. If she wears “satanic” clothes, she is asking for it. If she is out in the market, she is asking for it. If she raises her voice, she is asking for it. If she is trying to support her house by applying for a job, she is asking for it. One way or the other, we have stopped seeing women as an equally significant human being, and a person with as many hopes and dreams as us men. If you want to keep a being in their house, buy a pet bird. Even then you would be guilty of obstructing its flight and freedom. Know your Islam, as pride for knowledge of religion, is more grievous than largest of sins.

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