If You Haven’t Tasted These 13 Types Of Paan You Haven’t Lived

There are a few things that Pakistanis absolutely can not live without; good food, chai and paan. Paan is a Pakistani food item that some people eat for recreation and for some it is a life staple, but whatever the case, paan is a Pakistani Must and if you have never tried it you probably aren’t very Pakistani.

Here are a few types of paan, some of which you have probably never heard of before. 

1. Meetha Paan

The paan for your whole family, this a yummy treat that everyone can enjoy.


Source: www.flickr.com

2.  Saunf Khushboo

This paan relies more on the soothing aroma of saunf than on the overall taste.


Source: hrelate.com

3. Sada Khushboo

This is the plain paan for the real paan enthusiasts.


Source: Wikipedia

4.  Mix patti

This paan has a mix of tobacco (pronounced Tambaku) in it.


Source: www.itdunya.com

5. Pineapple paan

This is a twist on the original meetha paan, where paan shops have started to add fresh pineapple to their paan to give it a diverse flavor.


Source: www.india.com


 6. Zahor Raja Jani

This paan has a mix of zafrani tambaku in it which is said to leave a burning sensation inside your mouth.


Source: chaatnpan.com

7. Elaichi paan

This paan is specially used to freshen your breath.


Source: www.indiatimes.com

8. Johnnie walker paan

This is something you have to experience yourself, no amount of explanation will brace you for what’s in store.


Source: www.dnaindia.com

9. American paan

This is a clean paan… all it has is coconut and coated saunf.


Source: UkTimes

10. Special Chocolate paan

Well, it’s chocolate coated pan (NEED I SAY MORE!!!)


Source: www.India.com

11. Badamn-cherry paan

The upper-class paan, this is that high class “Defense Burger Paan”.

paan (1)

Source: mastbanarsipaan.wordpress.com

12. Raja Sahab paan

The King of all paans in Pakistan, this is a must try especially with sunny chaliya.


Source: twitter.com

13. Special Meetha Pan

Jelly, dry fruit, coated saunf, cherries, you name it, it will be in your special meetha paan.


Source: www.flickr.com

So, how many of these paans have you tried yet?

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