Here Are The Two Places You Should Visit If You Have Decided To Boycott Murree

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Well, people are still not sure if they should boycott Murree or not. Some of them think that it’s the right time to ‘teach locals a lesson’ and make sure that government does something about it. People of Muree have been behaving in rather peculiar manner when it comes to treating visitors/ travellers. They have been misbehaving with them and harassing the female travellers. They have also commercialised the locality and the price hikes are also unjustifiable. Keeping that in mind, a lot of people took to social media and started a campaign to boycott Murree. However, tourists are still looking for some place where they could relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Here are the two alternatives people can visit if they have decided to boycott Muree:

  1. Fort Munro

Fort Munro is also a hill station located at 85 km from Dera Ghazi khan in Sulieman Mountain Range of Punjab. Its total height from sea level is 6470 feet. Hilly traveling, snaky roads and lush green mountains will feel you like heaven. Average summer temperature remains between 16 c to 24 c. In winter temperature remains from 0 to 6c and have snowfall. The area is still underdeveloped however worth a visit. This place is located in south Punjab and the perception about south Punjab is that it is very hot but this place exists in that region.


  1. Gorakh Hill

Few people are familiar with this hill station. Gorakh Hill is 94 km from Dadu in Kithar Mountains of Sindh. Its total elevation from sea level is 5689.  Average temperature in summer is is from 16c to 20c and in winter from 0c to 4c and receive a good snowfall. Though it is expected that Sindh is a hot region but in the heart of Sindh Gorakh Hill is a heaven for those who are in search of cold and naturally beautiful places in summer. Most amazing thing for Gorakh Hill is that it is still safe from human pollution. This area is also underdeveloped and has only one government guest house but it is good place for camping.


Hope you guys will visit these places and enjoy your summers. Pakistan is beautiful, too bad we spend more time on researching about foreign tourist spots that we forget to explore our own country. I sincerely hope that our government realises the tourism potential in these areas and work on their infrastructure development to make it more appealing for local and foreign tourists.


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