If You Are Not Doing These 10 Things, You Will Fail Your Exams!

Tired of never being able t remember all the things that were taught in class or going blank during an exam? Here are a few easy tricks that will help you remember all your study material and totally ace your exams.

1. Read Your Notes Out Loud

You can remember much more when you’ve said it out loud


2. Don’t Stay Up All Night Before An Exam

Make sure that you get adequate rest the night before your exam. When you sleep, your brain assimilates the information you have already learned


3. Chew Some Yummy Gum

Studies show that if during your exam you chew the same flavor of gum you were chewing while studying you will be able to recall information more easily


4. Watch Informative Videos

Documentaries are an entertaining way of compacting an entire lesson into a short timeframe. Try Watching “Khan Academy” Videos on Youtube


5. Take Regular Study Breaks

Take short breaks after 45 to 50 minutes of study, as you will be able to retain more information without exhausting your brain


6. Study In Groups

Studying in a group will help you gather new insights to enhance your learning experience and retain information


7. Write Down Only What You Think You Might Forget

If you only write important points, they will be easier to remember while giving an exam. If you write down everything your thoughts will be muddled


8. Block Distracting Websites


9. Listen To Soothing Music

Music can lead to more productive learning by elevating your mood


10. Don’t Stress Out

Stress only makes you perform poorly, if you are relaxed you more are likely to give a better paper even if you haven’t prepared that well for it


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