‘Fight For What You Love’ Or ‘If It’s Meant For You It Will Come To You?’

do what you love

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This article was originally submitted by Hafsa Saleem Jaam

As I aimlessly dwell into contemplating, thoughts harassing, clouding and flooding the capacity of my brain; as I muse on the verse ‘If it’s yours it will come back to you’, consoling the lovers and hopeless, I morosely cast aspersions on, will you really come back to me?

Do I really just let you roam? Do I not care about how you’re doing the days, do I not thrive to get you; do I not endure for you, do I not suffer for you; will you still come back If I don’t yearn for you, will you still come back if I don’t fight for you; will you still come back if I don’t athirst for you?

If you will, I will let you roam; I will let you indulge in the vices of your pleasure, I will let you wander through the naked streams, I will let you see the brim of the day alone, I will let you advance beyond the boundaries of decorum; for after all, if you’re mine, you’ll come back to me.

If love is meant for you

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Stricken by the contradiction that says ‘Fight for what you love.’

This kindles the fire in me to go ruthless, rough and fierce. This incites the courageousness in me and raves my ownership of you; for I love you, for my heart calls you mine.

For I am told fortune and love favors the brave; for if I don’t rage my life at stake for you, I don’t really deserve you. For I should do anything and everything for you, go above and beyond the call of duty, for you.

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Yet, I am scared stiff, my beloved. I am afraid for I will fight for you till the end of time; until this blood and your name runs through my veins, I am serene as I empty, deplete and drain myself for you.

I am thankful for the stars as I stand vulnerable against the hostile shackles of the ocean in search of you; you and only you. I am still afraid in my ardor beloved, if destiny deprives me of you; for after all the swords I cross for you if I get told ‘it wasn’t meant for you’.

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