If Forced At Gunpoint, HSY Would Marry Mehwish Hayat

If Forced At Gunpoint, HSY Would Marry Mehwish Hayat

The Knock Knock Show’s stage was visited by renowned fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, also known as HSY, who spoke with Mohib Mirza about his modest origins, things of the heart, and where he gets his inspiration for his designs.

HSY was asked about his opinions on marriage during the open discussion, and he gave a startling yet sincere response. The designer expressed a strong understanding of the importance of friendship in a relationship when asked hypothetically who he would wed if forced at gunpoint. The artist declared that because of the close connection he has with the accomplished actor Mehwish Hayat, he would choose her as his life partner.

HSY About Marriage With Mehwish Hayat

If Forced At Gunpoint, HSY Would Marry Mehwish Hayat

“If someone ever compels me to marry at gunpoint, I would choose Mehwish Hayat,” said HSY. “Friendship holds great importance in any relationship.” However, he clarified that they were not romantically involved but cherished their close relationship as friends. “Let me be clear that there are no romantic feelings between us, but our friendship is exceptionally strong and precious,” said the Ishrat: Made In China star. The connection between HSY and Mehwish is not unfamiliar to fans, as the two have previously collaborated on the telefilm Ijaazat, further solidifying their friendship in the entertainment industry.

Asking into his early years, HSY gave a moving story of how his upbringing influenced his great career as a fashion designer. HSY discussed how he developed his love of fashion while growing up in a poor household by browsing outdated magazines while going to the grocery shop where his mother worked. His attentive eyes studied the detailed styles and appearances displayed in those magazines, and a desire to imitate the fashion sense of popular designers like Calvin Klein and Donna Karan arose.

The renowned designer went on to discuss a significant event from his youth that served as a constant source of inspiration for him. HSY spent some time in London as a baby when his mother was looking for work. The royal nuptials of Lady Diana and Prince Charles at this time commanded the attention of the entire globe. HSY recalls viewing the beauty of the royal wedding and the celebration of millions of attendees while sitting on his mother’s shoulders. This amazing experience made a lasting effect on little HSY.

My early years were spent in New York City, and later, when we were in London, I had the chance to attend Princess Diana’s wedding, which I still clearly remember. In addition, he continued, “At that early age, I saw Princess Diana in her wonderful white outfit, and everybody were applauding her beauty, among the throng. This scene has been with me ever since. After the wedding, I started making paper dolls and dressed them in outfits modeled after Princess Diana’s, then I attached it to my sister’s doll.

Viewers got a rare insight into HSY’s personal life during the conversation on The Knock Knock Show, which focused on the value of friendship, the impact of his early meetings, and the ever-present interest in fashion that has defined his long career.

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