Top Nine Ideas For Ramadan Decorations You Must Know!

ideas for ramadan decorations

Ramadan in 2022 has arrived! Spreading joy and happiness all around, the festivities of the holy month have begun. Apart from engaging in prayer and worship, Ramadan Mubarak brings people closer. People welcome the arrival of the holy month by decorating homes. It is an interesting way to inculcate the importance of Ramadan in children. We have shortlisted the top nine ideas for Ramadan decorations.

Adorn with lanterns and Turkish lamps: –

Traditional lanterns take you to the medieval Islamic era. It is a beautiful reminiscent of the glorious past. Add grandeur to the home with Turkish lamps. Create a festive environment using lamps and lanterns. You can place these lamps and lanterns all-around your home. The entrance, staircase, sitting room, and drawing room are some places where you can light up these lamps and lanterns. 

Purify the ambiance with scented candles and Bakhoor: –

Candles have such a therapeutic effect that nobody can deny. Scented with floral notes, lavender, or any other fragrance, candles refresh your soul. Bakhoor, an Arabic elegance, also adds serenity to the environment. The green glass Morrocan candles look ethereal. Welcome, Ramadan Mubarak using such aromatic and tranquilizing scents. 

Decorate using balloons: –

Simple and convenient ideas for Ramadan decorations include using balloons. You can enhance the look of your dining room and the sitting room using balloons. You can decorate the wall or create a Ramadan corner. You can write “Ramadan Mubarak” with balloons on it. 

Carpets and rugs create a surreal Middle Eastern aura: –

Rugs not only make comfortable sitting but also serve as exquisite decor pieces. You can refurbish and renovate your lounge this Ramadan Mubarak by adding oriental rugs and carpets. 

Utilize the tableware: –

When a person sits at the table to break the fast, he must feel good looking at the tableware along with the scrumptious food! Dish out food in your new cutlery. Brighten the atmosphere with fresh table linen in this holy month. Fresh flowers are a treat for sore eyes. Live the spirit of Ramadan with your family at the iftar table.

Make a dua corner: –

Ideas for Ramadan decoration serve little or no purpose if they do not help connect with Allah. Make a dua corner where you can paste helpful duas for Ramadan. You can adorn it with Islamic sculptures and decorative pieces such as calligraphic names of Allah. Keep tasbeeh, religious books, and other supplies to help motivate a person to come closer to Allah.

Set up a tree of good deeds: –

Encourage good habits and deeds among children during this holy month. You can do so by setting up a tree of good deeds. Every one must add sticky notes daily telling about what good deeds they performed each day.

Lit up the room with fancy lights: –

Lighting plays a crucial role in lifting the spirits and creating a pleasant atmosphere. String lights featuring globes, lanterns, or stars make your room glow. These LED lights would not drive your electricity bills up. Some lights use AA batteries so putting them up is convenient. 

Decorate the entrance door: –

The first impression is the last. Make your guests feel nice as they enter through your door. A wooden sign of Ramadan Mubarak at the entrance door shall be a good addition. Moon-shaped neon light decoration along the entrance would be a great idea. You can also paste ahadith on the walls telling about the sanctity of this holy month. A Ramadan Mubarak calendar is an every Muslim household essential. You can also create one which would be a healthy exercise to engage the children. 

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