I’d Rather Be Educated Than Married…

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I’m just a normal girl doing her A’levels from Pakistan, and trust me – it’s really tough for the science students (in my opinion).
When I was a child, most things didn’t matter to me – it doesn’t, to any one of us – but as we grow up, we understand the ups and downs of life. We get to know more about the world we’re living in; the culture of our country, the back grounds of our families. The most important thing that I have learned is that in our society, it’s not really easy on the girls mostly. If you have open minded parents, in my eyes you’re the luckiest person alive on planet earth.


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Well, we all know about our favorite viner, ‘Zaid Ali‘ (he is one of my favorites). In one of his videos, he tells us what happens to guys and girls if they fail an examination; the guy gets to ‘clean shoes’ of random pedestrians crossing the streets to make a couple of bucks, whereas ‘ the girl’ is to be married. Yeah, married. And no, she has no smile on her face when she hears this.

Yeah, so why is the girl gotten married? Couldn’t have she gotten an another chance to give her exam again? That is the main problem of this society. And honestly, it pisses me off when those narrow-minded men look for a ‘lady doctor’ to get their wives treated when they’re sick.

Honestly, I have seen this major problem around my social circles too. My driver, who has been taking me to school and college for the past 13 years once told me that his niece used to get the first position in her class, if she came in second or third place and they literally snatched her opportunity of studying away and got her married…


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Yeah, I was really pissed about this too, but I regret that I couldn’t explain at the time how wrong this was. It is too late for her.

So, all those parents around reading this article, please! Open your minds! This is not the solution to the problem of ensuring your daughters have stable lives. Why don’t you encourage them to be independent instead of discouraging them in pursuing their dreams?

Why don’t you understand yourselves and explain to her that how important education is for women these days? Why don’t you explain to her that she can literally conquer the world by gaining knowledge from education! You need to understand that your daughter is not always  doing something wrong in her school work, and there could be many reasons as to her being distracted and not doing well.

If she is going on the wrong path? Set her to the right one as damn it, you’re her parents, it’s your duty! There is a reason why God has said that the Heaven is under a mother’s feet and the father will be at the gates of Heaven.

 It is because it is your job to lead her there, with all the opportunities life and you, can provide.

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