Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center In Karachi Had A Very Unusual Arrangement To Keep It ‘Cool’ And This Is Shameful!

Pakistanis are known to make anything work with limited to zero resources and if you are not familiar with the term than it is termed as a ‘jugardh’. Be it loading gigantic items onto their bikes and balancing it like a professional circus performer or fixing electronics with kitchen items, we are known to come through with these weird solutions.

But what is fascinating is a reputable organization that is holding an important event in Karachi University decides on a very unusual way to keep its participants or chief guests cool is quite disappointing.

Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center In Karachi University held an event where instead of commercial AC’s they had huge chunks of ice in large steel buckets installed at every step.

Via The Times Of Karachi

It definitely makes one wonder what could be the reason? Were they that low on budget or Karachi University’s central air conditioning stopped working that day? Nonetheless, it is disappointing that instead of advancing through in problem-solving, the administration of Shiekh Zayed Islamic Center could only come up with this solution for keeping the room temperature low.

What exactly is this?

Out of all the cheaper routes they could take, they stopped on placing gigantic chunks of ice near seats? What a time to be alive. This is Karachi University, one of the reputable organizations, hence, leaving one bewildered at this sight.

Via Times Of Karachi

Pakistan has been suffering in various fronts and educational institutes of this country are rotting away not just in terms of providing quality education but with corruption reaching to higher authorities of the said institutes, there is hardly any money being invested in maintaining universities and schools.

The incumbent government has been performing considerably well in several areas but one that still stays neglected is the education sector of Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan needs to make sure that a major restructuring and accountability drive is held in the educational sector as well.

People Are Amused And Confused!

LOL, with the situation insight, if they can come up with this idea, they might just do that next.

Haha, ice age indeed.

Even Einstien will be surprised.

Anyhow, the administration must be made of people that have lived under a rock. Normally, the administration of various educational institute lacks a proper educational background themselves. Is mulq ka Allah bhala karey!

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