The ‘Dana Dan Green’ Wave Has Taken All Over Pakistan And People Are Really Curious To Find Out What It Is!

It’s almost time, Pakistaniyon!!

It’s time to arrange lots of food, a comfortable couch and the perfect company! Why? Because the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is about to take place and cricket fans are eagerly looking forward to the super exciting event! As charged up as ever, Pakistanis will now be seen hooked to their television screens!

The ICC Cricket World Cup is only days away and the excitement is building up!!


How can people n0t talk about the most happening event that is going to take place in a couple of days? Well, even our celebrities are super excited!!! From Hania Amir to Asim Azhar, they all seemed excited!

Asim Azhar

I love cricket and I am super excited for the World Cup 2019. My best wishes, support and immense love for Mohammad Amir and team Pakistan! Danadan green boysss, let’s do this and win clean!! ? #danadangreen #eatgreensupportgreen #supportgreen #PakistanZindabad

Posted by Asim Azhar on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Iqra Aziz

But wait…

Did you notice what these celebrities are up to? Everyone seems to be talking about #DanaDanGreen! What is this all about??? What could it be? How long do we have to wait to find out? Could this be something related to the chants during the matches? What is this #DanaDanGreen? What is this #EatGreenSupportGreen all about? Do we have to eat green veggies to support team Pakistan? Huh, what?

Well, we’ll just have to brace ourselves for the green wave to hit our screens and to finally find out!

Our Pakistani awaam is just crazy when it comes to watching, playing or appreciating cricket! And as far as this World Cup is concerned, we just cannot wait for the release of the official world cup song, let’s see what’s it going to be this year!! Can’t wait to find out!

How excited are you? Share your thoughts and guesses in the comments below!

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