“Kashmir Premier League Begins” ICC Rejects BCCI’s Demand & Herschelle Gibbs Part Of KPL

Cricket is getting exciting and fun with the launch of more league tournaments. Already there have been so many leagues going on and there’s a new entry comes in.

Kashmir Premier League, a league similar to the Pakistan Super League and something new for the Kashmiri talent.

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The aim is the same to bring domestic and international players together. But this one will be the investment into the Kashmir Cricket too. KPL’s period is much shorter than any other league and it might follow different formatting too.

Kashmir Premier League & BBCI’s Threats

For Kashmiri talented players that’s an outstanding opportunity for them to showcase their talent and get into the limelight.

Even the Pakistani Government plays a vital role in providing KPL the platform that will bring whole new attention to the international forum.

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Kashmir Premier League is set to be launch from August 6th to 16th. Players will represent different states of Kashmir such as Mirpur, Rāwala Kot, etc. with all the joy on one side.

Six teams will be participating in the tournament namely the Bagh Stallions, Mirpur Royals, Overseas Warriors, Muzaffarabad Tigers, Rawlakot Hawks, and Kotli Lions.

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Meanwhile, the Board of Control for Cricket in India didn’t like the idea and threatening foreign players not to participate. Such an unethical act by the Indian Cricket Board came under the attention of the Pakistani Government and other players too.

Among players South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs came forward and shared the way Indian Cricket Board threatened him if he plays Kashmir Premier League.

Herschelle Gibbs Expose BCCI

He said, “Completely unnecessary of the @BCCI to bring their political agenda with Pakistan into the equation and trying to prevent me playing in the @kpl 20. Also threatening me by saying they won’t allow me entry into India for any cricket-related work. Ludicrous”

The moment Herschelle Gibbs tweeted internet people gone crazy and started supporting Gibbs on his act. Pakistan Cricket Board also took an immediate decision on it and raised its voice on the ICC forum. The next day Indian Cricket Board spokesperson said,

“While one can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of the statement made by a former player who has figured in a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) investigation into match-fixing earlier,

the PCB must understand that even if Gibb’s statement is assumed to be true, the BCCI would be well within their rights to take decisions concerning the cricketing ecosystem in India.

“The fact that the Indian cricketing ecosystem is the most sought after for cricketing opportunities globally, should not be envied by the PCB.”

BCCI Demands ICC To Stop The Kashmir Premier League

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International Cricket Council stated after BCCI urged ICC not to authorize or recognize Kashmir Premier League. ICC official said, “The tournament is not under ICC’s jurisdiction as it is not an international cricket tournament.”

PCB also expressed their views regarding BCCI’s disgraceful act.

“The PCB considers that the BCCI has brought the game into disrepute by issuing warnings to multiple ICC Members to stop their retired cricketers from featuring in the Kashmir Premier League, further threatening they will not be allowed entry into India for cricket-related work,”

“Such conduct from the BCCI is completely unacceptable, against the preamble of the Spirit of Cricket and sets a dangerous precedence, which can neither be tolerated nor ignored,”

Source: Kashmir Premier League

Today the President of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) Arif Malik “South African star batsman Herschelle Gibbs is coming to Pakistan.”

Malik said, “Herschelle Gibbs is coming to Pakistan despite threats [from the BCCI],” he also added that Indians also stopped foreign commentators to participate in the league, but we are still trying our best to bring more foreign players on board.

Don’t miss the mega cricketing event, because it’s the first-ever cricket event taking place in a country where terror has vanished the happiness and only sadness took birth.

It’s high time to support them and bring joy to their life. It would be better if more international players take part and take the tournament up to the mark.

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