No Shame! Bad Boy Ibsham Zahid Gives Open Threats To A Reporter Despite Being Arrested

No Shame! Bad Boy Ibsham Zahid Gives Open Threats To A Reporter Despite Being Arrested

A hashtag by the name of #ibshamzahidbehindthebars trended on social media last month, in September. A little digging brought to our attention that Ibsham Zahid had been allegedly harassing a girl named Fatima Amir and her family. After massive public outcry, the police arrested him. A new video surfaced on the Internet where Ibsham can be seen threatening a news reporter.

According to the complainant, he had been blackmailing the girl since 2016. He sent her videos and pictures of himself with weapons threatening to rape and kill her. Last month, the victim, Fatima took to social media and uploaded the messages and photos she received.

As soon as the violent face of Ibsham was exposed via social media, he began to threaten Fatima even more to stop her. In fact, he was confident that he would get bail from the courts.

Moreover, the main culprit Ibsham and his father also planned to flee to Dubai. However, an online petition was filed on calling on the Dubai police force to arrest the father-son duo on their arrival.

As the news went viral, the  Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cybercrime Wing was compelled to take action. FIA booked Ibsham Zahid and his mother over the alleged rape and murder threats against a young lady named Fatima. Later, he was arrested.

WATCH: Ibsham now threatens a reporter on camera

A video surfaced on social media in which a news reporter interviews the arrested person and his father. According to Ibsham’s father, the video was sent by a guy in Australia. Not only that but he also sent weapons to Ibsham, and threatened him.

In addition to this, he said, “That guy has been threatening us. He has sent videos to him. We have not submitted those to the FIA. Our own application is under process.”

During the interview, Ibsham interrupts and tells the interviewer to keep his hand down. Moreover, Ibsham steps towards him and threatens him that “I will see you outside”. While Ibsham’s father tries to calm him down and asks him to behave, the reporter yelled at him, “How dare you threaten me?”

As his father tried to explain to the reporter that his son is mentally unstable due to being imprisoned for a while now, the reporter erupted with anger. He said, “Even after being arrested, and handcuffed, you have the audacity to threatened me. First, you threaten a poor girl, and now you are threatening the media.”

No look of shame is seen on Ibsham’s face. Despite being handcuffed and arrested, the guy has so much pride and attitude.

Here’s the video

Pakistan is waking up for good. They showed their full support to Fatima in her case when she raised her voice on social media for justice. Even actor Feroze Khan took a stand against Zahid and promised to protect every woman from harassment.

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