‘Bad Boy’ Ibsham Zahid Arrested For Giving Rape & Murder Threats To Lahore Girl For Years

Ibsham Zahid Arrested rape threats

Some good news! Sixteen-year-old Ibsham Zahid has been arrested for stalking, giving rape threats and harassing a girl from Lahore, Fatima Amir Sheikh for four long years.

Zahid even attempted to kidnap the girl once in a park with his gang to showoff his superiority. Ibsham Zahid who is now arrested had been giving open rape and death threats to Fatima and her family to scare them. Here’s is the news about his arrest on Twitter.

Fatima Amir Sheikh & Ibsham Zahid case

Fatima Amir Sheikh and Ibsham Zahid case surfaced on social media. This week when users started sharing screenshots and voice notes of the boy threatening the girl.

Apparently, an FIR was registered against Ibsham previously. But no legal action was taken. The girl filed the FIR in 2016, and the case was pending since then. Recently Ibsham even planned to flee to Dubai.

Here’s Ibsham’s threatening voicenote after the FIR.

What a disgusting man he is? As soon as, Ibsham was exposed via social media, he began to threaten Fatima even more to stop her. He was confident that he would get bail from the courts of Pakistan.

However, thankfully this creep is now in police custody and we hope, he will be taken to prison soon.

More power to Fatima & her family

Sadly, Fatima and her family came out publicly as they had no longer trust in the system of Pakistan. In the videos shared on Twitter and Facebook, Ibsham can be seen show-offing his weapons while threatening the girl.

Here’s a detailed post by Fatima on Instagram.

Here’s how social media is reacting to Ibsham Zahid’s arrest


Pakistan is waking up for good. They showed their full support to Fatima in her case when she raised her voice on social media for justice. Even actor Feroze Khan took a stand against Zahid and promised to protect every woman from harassment.

Pakistanis are already upset about the motorway gang-rape case. We just hope, Zahid will also get what he deserves. Severe punishment from our legal system should be given.

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