These IBA Students Raised Rs.3 Million In 2 Months For COVID-19 Victims

Apart from the deadly coronavirus paralyzing daily lives throughout the world, it has definitely brought out the best is many. With ration drives and charities being done in several countries, Pakistanis are also playing their part to help others.

Regardless of caste, creed, or color, at this crucial time, the people of Pakistan are united to fight against the COVID-19. Along with the majority, the country’s non-Muslim volunteers have also joined in and are providing aid to the needy. Similarly, a team of three students from a well-reputed institution of Pakistan recently garnered praises for their exceptional efforts.

IBA trio feeds more than 500 families in 2 months

According to the details, the brilliant initiative was taken by Muhammad Mussa, Syed Muhammad Wasiq Hussain and Hafiz Muhammad Ali Noor. The trio is currently studying at the well- known Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. Well, analyzing the grave situation that fell upon the underprivileged community of Pakistan, they hit the roads.

As it is said that ‘all heroes don’t wear capes’, these three amazing human beings turned that statement true. In just a span of 70 days, the boys managed to gather charity and ration worth about Rs.3 million ready to be distributed. Initially, they targeted places with the most severely hit communities due to the coronavirus and provided them ration.

Congratulations are in order

On the amazing initiative, the official site of IBA has also praised their efforts and congratulated the trio. ”We wholeheartedly congratulate Muhammad Mussa, Syed Muhammad Wasiq Hussain, and Hafiz Muhammad Ali Noor on raising over PKR 3 million for charity since the imposition of the nationwide lockdown. Truly, not all heroes wear capes”, it read.

Telling about the necessary arrangements, Muhammad Mussa expressed his concerns on the distribution of ration. He stated, ”We started making all the arrangements two days prior to the imposition of the lockdown. Penury was an inevitable, devastating ramification of the prison protocol.”

IBA Students Raise 3 Million COVID-19


”Hence, I hoped to create a channel through which we could provide essentials and expected relief to the families affected by COVID-19 lockdown”, he added. Despite the challenges being faced, Mussa, Wasiq and Ali Noor have fed nearly 1,000 needy families in Sindh. Particularly, more than 500 families in Karachi, 50 plus families in Chakwal and more than 100 families in the Tharparkar area.

The actual procedure 

To keep check of the funded families, the boys run the verified cases through Prime Minister Portal for authentication. Which then leads a team of volunteers to the said families and check on the credibility of their cases. Then, the approved families are registered along with the copy of a CNIC and the ration package is delivered to their doorstep. Such an organized and effective way to help the needy.

We wish Mussa, Wasiq and Ali Noor all the best for their future endeavors and keep helping others for the sake of humanity. This global pandemic may have disrupted world peace but has brought out the best in Pakistanis. Hopefully, such lovely examples will keep pouring in so that the poor don’t sleep with an empty stomach.

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