“My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Was Physically Abused By My Grandfather”

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Everything started off when I was just 6 years old. My grandfather sexually abused me. Nobody believed me, except my mother. She and my father had a lot of fights after this because he believed that I am lying. Till date, he does not believe me. I was verbally and physically abused later. Due to this, I got weak and built up chronic depression.

I started dating a guy when I was 15. Till then, I had been sexually abused 11 times, not by my grandfather only, but my chacha joined him in this sin, as well. I won’t ever understand what pleasure some people get from doing this to kids. So, long story short, the guy I dated behaved humanely for the first 4 months. He was a real sweetheart. Then, things changed. He cut off contact with me, he was the only friend of mine in the past 9 years but the fortune is not in our hands.

Source: The Indian Express

He asked me to make female friends only, he would even never let me talk to a delivery guy because I told him about what happened to me. He didn’t trust anyone and lost his trust in me as well. Even he went as far as calling me a wh*re one day. Eventually, he left me. I was left by my boyfriend because I was physically abused by my grandfather… I had lost my faith in people, in humanity. I struggled with my health and the behavior of my family as they blame me still for the problems we have.

Source: Time

After bearing with all of this for 13 years, I met someone who loved me very much and accepted me even if I’m not a virgin. But the thing is not everyone finds someone like that. It’s not that easy..

I just want to share this because, in our society, things get worse than what happened to me. People would never believe it, of course, because it hasn’t happened to them or someone they know. Not everyone has the courage to tell it either.


P.S. I always read the articles you post and see comments about how fake they are, it made me want to share my story even more.

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