I Speak On Behalf Of The Working Class And I Want To Tell Everyone That…

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The way you treat your maids and servants is not okay! You might belong to the ‘Upper class’ but your mentality is third class! You guys are shameless! You Should Only Be Allowed To Hire Help When . . .

1. You Realize That They Too Are Human Beings . . . With Feelings . . .

How can you even eat while someone looks on at you. I don’t understand how the people who are good enough to look after your kids are somehow not good enough to sit on the same table as you.


2. You Realize That Sharing Your Food Won’t Make It Any Less For You

You may make them look away but Allah ko kya shakal dekhao gey? Is this your humanity and your Islam?
How is it even sane to make other people’s kids work for you when you wouldn’t dream of having your kid do the same?


3. You Realize Over Working Is A Crime

Because carrying your own shopping bags is too much a hassle. What exactly are you trying to prove? Why don’t you make him carry your purse as well?


4. You Realize That All Jobs Are Respectable


5. You Realize That The Work They Do Is As Important As The Work You Do

Izaat deney sey kum nai ho jati. Kisi barey ko izaat deney sey aap chotey nai ho jatey. Your kids will only learn what you show them and it is YOUR responsibility to make them respect people to show you belong to a respectable family



6. You Realize That Their Health Is A Real Issue – Not Just An Excuse

Is that what it is when you wake up your driver in the middle of the night to drive your kid to the hospital when the fever is too high? What if he said the same thing – “Kal shaam mein le jaein gey, abhi yeh paisey rakh lo”



7. You Realize That They To, Are Capable Of Achieving Great Heights If Provided The Right Opportunities

Just because they were born somewhere with less privileges than you does NOT make them inferior. If they are not out begging, but rather working hard for their days wage, you better learn to respect that.


Just because we pay someone to do our work doesn’t mean we own them. They are also individuals with personalities, feelings and abilities, that deserve to be treated with respect and having more money than someone doesn’t automatically make us better people. It’s how we treat those with less privileges that truly marks our ‘level’ as people in society.


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