“I Am Tired” – Parents Expectations From Their Children Are Slowly Destroying Their Spirits

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As everyone knows, exams season has been started. Students are under a lot of stress. I am also a student and I wanted to share some reasons why I am overly frustrated and emotional about it.

I’ve always been a good student, as my parents and teachers label me, but I hate studies more than anything. At the same time, I think nothing is more important than studies and it should be our first priority at this age. My hate developed for a particular reason i.e 1st position hi honi chahye bas!

I was always interested in arts and linguistics. I’m currently doing FSc in per-engineering just because “matric main itnay achay marks le k arts parhna hai? Faqay karnay hain?” etc. I’m thankful to Allah that my parents didn’t force me to become a doctor even though they just gave me two choices (engineering and medical) and I had to choose to engineer.

People always said that I’m a bright student and these things shouldn’t bother me, I can study anything, God has given me a great brain. Today I want to tell people how it feels to be in that shit. When you have to give up your dreams and your satisfaction just because your parents will feel ashamed telling people that their daughter is studying arts. I couldn’t sleep because all I could think about was that what am I going to do? How am I going to study something in which I have zero interest?

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I always wanted my relatives to understand the fact that students are already very frustrated please don’t make our situation worse. It seems really funny on twitter, but in reality, we hate it when you guys arrange all functions during our exam season. And here’s a fun fact: Your “Apka kya hai, ap to na bhi parho to number aa jaen ge” doesn’t help… AT ALL!!!

I admit that I am actually blessed that it’s a bit easier for me to understand and remember things, but still I work really hard. My parents and relatives just want a good result to tell their colleagues that their daughter secured A+. They have no idea what I have been through. Whenever I talk about this I only get to hear that I’m over exaggerating it. No, I’m not. Just because you can’t understand and feel how I feel, doesn’t mean that I’m overstating it.

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You have no idea what it feels to write a whole book (of almost 400 pages) thrice just to hear “Only 80%? I was expecting more” And it’s not just one book, imagine writing three whole books three times each. Yeah, this is how I study when I can’t understand a fudging thing about physics, chemistry, and maths. I haven’t told anyone that I study like this because either they don’t believe, or they make fun of me. And I know it sounds funny, but this is how my life is.

I  wanted to write a lot, but dimagh se sab nikal gaya. Khair, this is enough. Now I just want to request that before you all react to your friend saying I haven’t completed my preparation yet, by “Jhoot na bolo” remember that you are an idiot and you should keep your mouth shut. Kindly let your children study in peace. I have seen a lot of students who don’t even get 1 hour of studying and those too who study 24/7, giving the same results. Please don’t try to control your child’s life, it’s his.

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