All Those People Who Hypocritically Say, "I'm Not Judgmental"

Here’s A Strong Word For All Those People Who Hypocritically Say, “I’m Not Judgmental”

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Look around you… You will definitely find people who casually claim to not judge anyone. It is relatively easier to give a rhetoric speech only for the sake of pleasing people and get back to your actual, judgmental self. This is a problem you will find in any society there is in the world. The following account is for all those who openly claim to not be judgmental but actually are…

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Have you ever shared a table with me? Have you ever experience the life I am living? Have you ever tried to know what makes me this way? But, yes you believe what others tell you about me. You judge me on a scale set by people who don’t like me. You remain afraid to talk to me and never take a risk to know me because people say I will cheat.

“This ‘you’ is meant for everyone out there who has never walked in my shoes.”

I may be different from your perspective of beauty, I may not be that typical shy girl, I may not be adorable, maybe my skin color is too dark, I may not carry myself in a way you like it. But, is your thinking a global standard of perfection?

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I am outspoken, daring and fun loving but how it makes me unacceptable for you? I love to party, spend money on me and my ultimate goal is not to marry a rich man, does it make me an intolerable chunk of society?

My desires are according to my nature which is gifted by God, the one who created all of us. You say God is perfect, He made everything for a purpose. Then, how can you call his creature a whore because her conceptualization, visualization and ability to understand things is dissimilar from yours?

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You spend years in judging others because you want to defend your own perfection. You need to get a life, to see all the sides of the coin, to focus your own goals without letting others down. Life is so beautiful for all. Live your life and try to make peace with yourself first, life becomes so easy for you to accept the diversity.

It is about time that our society keeps it at the forefront of their minds that they have absolutely no right to judge anyone in the world for the way they look, their beliefs, their opinions, their choices and their freedom.

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